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How To set a custom Lock Screen to help the return of a lost iPad

LockI’ve written before about how to protect the data on your lost laptop or mobile device, and there are a free tools for tracking your lost laptop, smartphone or tablet – but recently I started thinking about how to make it easy for anyone who found my iPad to contact me to return it.

The simple answer is to create a custom wallpaper which displays your telephone number anytime your iPad is locked.

To set this custom Lock Screen message:-

  1. Create a simple picture with your lock screen message either on the iPad (using a tool such as Finger Sketch) or on your PC (I used Microsoft Word, took a screenshot and saved to my Dropbox which then synchronised to my iPad). Custom Return to Owner iPad Lock Screen
  2. Load the image in the iPad Photos Application.
  3. Pinch or expand to re-size the image to fit the iPad screen correctly.
  4. From the arrow menu near the top right, select “Use as Wallpaper” iPad Lock Screen Screenshot
  5. Select “Set Lock Screen”.

Voila! The next time you lock your iPad, you’ll have a handy custom Lock Screen enabling anyone who finds your lost iPad to quickly contact you to organise its return.

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  1. Thank you for the great help on setting the ‘If Found’ on my lock screen.

    The more I learn the more I realize I don’t know.

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