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The Managed Service Provider “Bible” – The E-Myth Revisited

Michael Gerber - The E-Myth RevisitedWhenever I chat to Managed Service Provider (MSP) business owners about their business, especially those who want to transition from Break/Fix to Managed Services, our conversation often turns to the benefits of and how to systemise and automate your business.

I then tell the story of how, as a “one man band” providing Break/Fix services, I read a book that – as the old cliché goes – changed my life.

When I first read “The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber, I actually thought Mr. Gerber had written the book specifically for me! After every few pages I read, I’d look up and check to see if my reactions weren’t being covertly filmed – it felt like the book described my exact situation and how to change things for the better.

Years on, I still re-read The E-Myth every year or so and whenever I start providing help for IT companies who want to grow, the first thing I do is recommend they read The E-Myth.

Simply put – in my opinion The E-Myth Revisited is the “Bible” for aspiring Managed Service Providers. MSP’s are typically owned by Technicians who have a ton of great technical knowledge and plenty of ideas of how to help people, but crucially need to make the transition from Technician to Business Owner. The E-Myth helps them to think more like a business owner and less like a Technician.

I know from experience, because it helped me make that transition myself!

I’m an avid reader and make a lot of book recommendations, but trust me when I say that this book is at the top of my list.

If you’re an MSP owner or making the transition to Managed Services and you haven’t already read it, do yourself a favour and buy The E-Myth Revisited from Amazon either in paperback form (my treasured copy is battered and with notes scribbled all over it) or in Kindle e-book format so you can take it everywhere with you.

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  1. Wise words 🙂
    I think I’ll get the ebook copy to go with my dead tree edition so i can always have it with me!

  2. Richard,

    I’ve read this book several times and I’ve also enrolled on the full blown course….

    There have been many take-way’s from the course, however the main one has been to THING BIG, design your business for how you want it to be/become, not where it is today…

    • Rory – agreed. The business must be scalable. Whether it’s one person or a hundred people big, put the structure in place that will support this.

      I would be interested in hearing your experiences from the full blown E-Myth course sometime!

  3. Totally agree Ric. A must read for anyone in business.

  4. I was perusing your old posts when I came across this and smiled. Our VP Dimitri proudly displays his Certificate of Completion of the E-Myth Mastery Program over his desk. The principles of E-Myth are absolutely the foundation for our MSP. And just as you do, he re-reads it every so often to see what new ways we can use it to improve as a managed service provider.
    Great recommendations as usual 🙂

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