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Friday Favourites – NetMemo, Instacorder, Note to Self

His Masters VoiceOn a Friday I try to post my favourites from the week – links to cool content and tools that I’ve found or had recommended to me.

This week I’ve been testing out Voice Recording software for Smartphones. Here’s my three favourite finds:-

  • NetMemo Voice Recorder – Android App for recording Voice Memos. Press a button from your home screen, record your voice memo, then press again and a Netmemo will send you an e-mail containing an MP3. You can set up multiple icons on your home screen and configure NetMemo to send messages to different e-mail addresses (such as a personal assistant or virtual assistant, or even Evernote) at the push of button. Very useful for making notes when you are on the move.
  • Instacorder – Instacorder for iOS is an easy way to take voice memos and have them e-mailed as sound files. Press and hold the big Instacorder record button, speak your message, then release the record button and Instacorder immediately e-mails your voice recording. Simple and effective.
  • Google Now “Note to Self” – If you’re using Google Now on your Android Smartphone, you should be aware that you can tell it to leave a “Note to Self”. From within Google Now, simply say “Note to Self”, speak your message and Google will transcribe your voice into text that it emails to you.  Thanks to Andrew Bunner for the heads-up!

I use “Note to Self” on my Samsung Galaxy s3 Android Smartphone when I’m in quieter surroundings, but have found that it doesn’t cope well with background noise. I therefore also use both Instacorder and NetMemo on my iOS and Android devices respectively for when I’m out and about.

Do you have any cool content or tools to share with me? Why not e-mail me, Tweet me, or share with me on Google+ and I if I feature them in my blog you can be sure to give you credit!

Have a great weekend! Smile


photo credit: Beverly & Pack via photopin cc

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  1. Matt Rose says:

    This is pretty cool, would this work??

    Engineer is out onsite and needs sales to raise a simple quote for X.
    Engineer creates 15 second voice memo going to which, in turn, creates ticket in PSA system with .mp3 attachment for sales to create quote.

    That sounds very neat indeed. Potential for quote to be delivered before engineer has even left site!

    • Matt – absolutely that would work, especially with NetMemo that allows you to setup icons on your Smartphone home-page to send e-mails to different addresses, such as sales@, support@, etc. Great idea!

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