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Online or Offline, Networking is Networking

Business NetworkingWhen I’m asked by IT Consultants or Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) what the most effective way to find new work is, I always tell them “networking”.

I’m inevitably then asked “Is that on-line networking, or traditional business networking?”. My answer? Both!

People do business with people they like

The old adage “People do business with people they like” has never been more true, and whether you meet somebody at a business networking event first and then connect with them on-line, or connect with somebody via Social Network and then meet in the “real world” – you’re building a relationship, and relationships are built on trust. While it’s perfectly possible to build that trust entirely off-line, or indeed to develop the relationship entirely on-line – the quickest way to build trust is to use a combination of the two.

SMB Community Podcast

I recently chatted with my friend and MSP expert Karl Palachuk about Business Networking for his awesome SMB Community Podcast. In our chat, we discuss why it’s so important that IT Consultants and MSP’s develop a routine for business networking, both on-line and off-line, and how it can help them grow their business.

You can download and listen to my interview with Karl now at

Effective Business Networking

SMB Online ConferenceI’ll also be joining Karl for his annual SMB Online Conference – a 3-day event taking place between June 25th-June 27th on-line.

The theme of this year’s SMB Online Conference is IT Business Reboot – we’ll cover a variety of topics related to re-building your business as if you were starting over today.

I’ll be speaking on Effective Business Networking: How to Network Online and Offline on Day Two of the Conference.

I joined in last years conference as an attendee, and got so much value from it that I’m thrilled to be able to participate in this years Conference!

I hope you can join us! For more information on the conference, visit


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