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The Books I Love

The Books I LoveI was honoured to recently be invited to be a guest on the CIA “Need to Know” Podcast, hosted by my good friend Robert Crane from Sydney, Australia. The topic of our Podcast discussion? The books we love!

You can listen to the Podcast and check out Robert’s great library of show notes and links at the “Need to Know” Podcast Episode 56 – Richard Tubb page.

Why Successful Business Leaders Read Regularly

I’m an avid book reader – everything from fiction to biographies, but I especially love self-development and business improvement books. Why? Here are my thoughts on Why Successful Business Leaders Read Regularly.

My Book Recommendations

Every month in my MSP Newsletter (you can sign up to the MSP newsletter for free) I list a “Book of the Month” in this vein and if you want to know what I’m currently reading then you can follow my Author page at Goodreads.

Additionally, I’ve written on this very blog about some books I think are key reading for any IT Business owner – including:-

I’ll be adding to that list over the weeks to come, so make sure you sign-up for email updates from this blog (the link is in the top right hand corner, above) to keep posted.

Which Books Do You Recommend?

What are the books you love and recommend? Leave me a comment below or let me know via Twitter or Google+ – I’m interested to hear what you’d recommend I add to my reading list!


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  1. Hey Ric, have you come across Traction? Think Rockefeller Habits for the SME and you’ll have an idea of what’s inside. It’s great!

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