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Webinar: Making January Count — A Guide to Selling Services for MSPs

In December 2017 I hosted a webinar with my friends at IT Glue. The topic? Making January count — A guide to Selling Services for IT Solution Providers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Making January Count — A Guide to Selling Services for MSPs

Most businesses consider January a “dead month” when winning new business is unlikely to happen.

I disagree. The most successful businesses see January as a great opportunity to gain an edge while their competitors are easing back into the New Year.

Those MSPs who plan to grow in January gain a head start over their competitors. The key is to prepare to start the new year with a bang NOW instead of simply winding down for Christmas.

Setting yourself up for a successful 2018

Making January Count

This webinar was hosted by Alex Ford of IT Glue and Alex and I offered a 3-step approach to selling services, plus some of the tools and practical ideas you can use to set yourself up for a successful January.


If you’d like to view the on-demand recording of the webinar, then simply register for “Making January Count – A Guide to Selling Services for MSPs” with IT Glue and you’ll be given access to the recording.

How are you going to start the New Year?

How are you going to start January? Quietly, like most of your competitors, or exploding into action?

I’m interested to hear your plans. Leave a comment below or Tweet me @tubblog and we can continue the conversation!

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