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Looking at Google Maps for Mobiles

I’ve been using my new Windows Mobile 5 device (a T-Mobile MDA Vario II) for a few months now – and let’s just say I’m never going back to “normal” mobile ‘phones again!

Much more to come on the Vario and T-Mobiles 3G service soon, but I thought I’d bring two competing applications to your attention.

Google Maps for Mobiles (shown on the right) and Microsoft’s Live Search for Mobiles (browse to both URL’s directly from your mobile device for instant download and install) both perform similar functions. Both allow you to view local maps and scroll around nearby locations, and both allow you to find local services and directions.

In use, Google Maps is superb – it’s very fast indeed, and it’s search facility is excellent. Live Search has a way to go yet – it feels slow, and the search facility isn’t good – but I still carry both applications as they are less than 500k each.

I’ve used them both more than once recently when I’ve been in town centres without my Sat-Nav to hand – beats carrying an A to Z with you! Live Search also helped the GG and I find an Italian restaurant recently, so thumbs up for that (and the meal was excellent too!)

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  1. Hi Ric
    How is it you always manage to make these gadgets sound so interesting, even if I don’t understand what all the technical jargon means? I have enough difficulty reviewing a film let alone making such convincing comments that people would go out a buy a object just because of what you’ve said about it!
    P.S Thanks for the welcome comment 

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