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Autotask Community Live 2013 comes to Arizona… and Barcelona!

Autotask Community Live 2013If you’re an Autotask User, then you may have heard the rumours for the past few weeks that the Autotask Community Live 2013 event was going to be bigger than ever before. Well it’s true. Autotask Community Live 2013 comes to Arizona… and Barcelona!

This morning Autotask confirmed that they’ll be bringing Autotask Community Live 2013 to Scottsdale, Arizona on Sunday June 2nd through Tuesday June 4th 2013… as well as the huge news that in response to the significant growth of Autotask outside North-America, that there will also be an Autotask Community Live event in Barcelona, Spain from October 16th-18th, 2013!

Autotask Community Live 2013

So why are Autotask creating an Autotask Community Live 2013 event in Europe?

Regular readers of this blog will remember I recorded a video interview with Autotask President and CEO Mark Cattini back in October 2011, where Cattini shared his plans to grow Autotask business in Europe and Australia.

Fast forward 15 months, and Autotask have experienced huge growth in the UK and Europe, as well as establishing a presence in Australia, China and South Africa. And when I say huge growth, I mean it – the Autotask UK team have grown from a handful of staff to 40+ heads in the past few months, and localised the Autotask product for various other European markets too.

So, the Autotask Community Live 2013 Barcelona event is very much in response to client demand.

Mark Cattini says in the official announcement “We are excited about the international expansion of this event which offers the Autotask community more opportunities to network and learn from peers from around the world. It is the only multi-city event of its kind and both conferences are guaranteed to be must-attend events for progressive ITSPs and MSPs.”

Should you attend?

The question I frequently get asked by MSP owners about events such as Autotask Community Live is – “Is it worthwhile me attending?”.

Shaking HandsAs the former owner of an MSP, I know all too well the cost of taking a few days out of the office, and the expense you incur travelling – but I always tell people that one of the best investments I made in my business was attending these types of Conferences.

I attended Autotask Community Live in Orlando, Florida last year – and it was simply one of the best IT Conferences I’ve ever attended. The quality of content was top notch, and put simply – the ability to network and get to know your peers in the Autotask Community pays off long after the event is over. For example, I myself built some great contacts who I still benefit from asking advice of (both business and technical) to this day.

Quite apart from all the Autotask employees being present for you to chat to and pick the brains of, the event also attracts the cream of the MSP industry vendors too. Put all these people in one place at the same time, and frankly, 3 days isn’t enough – most people I know arrived in town a day or two early so they had time to spend with everyone that wanted to meet.

To get an idea of how to prepare – here’s a blog post I wrote before last years event entitled 5 Tips for making the most of Autotask Community Live!.

How to Register

You can also follow Autotask on Twitter (and the hash-tag #CommLive) for news announcements and agenda details about the events.


I’m thrilled that Autotask are bringing their Autotask Community Live 2013 event to Europe. There’s certainly a demand for it, and for too long the MSP industry has focused on North-America alone.

Kudos to Autotask for breaking that mould and embracing their growing customer base in Europe.

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