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Recommended Podcasts for IT Business Owners

PodcastsI regularly make reference on Twitter to the various Podcasts and Audio Shows that provide me with interesting listening on long car journeys or when I’m out walking. It’s amazing how much you can learn by regularly listening to Podcasts, which I find entertaining and inspiring in equal measure.

As I often get asked for recommendations for Podcast listening from the owners of IT businesses, here is a list of my recommended Podcasts for IT business owners. I’ll try to keep this list updated in the future.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a plug to my own Podcast, TubbTalk – The Podcast for IT Consultants.

For those who asked about my Podcast client of choice, it’s currently DoggCatcher for Android.

Am I missing out on a Podcast or Audio Show that you think I’d enjoy listening to? Please do leave a comment below so I can check it out and possibly add it to this list!


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  1. As you are now fully Googled up with Google Apps. I recommend ‘This Week In Google’ buy the TwIT network. Search Google you will find it.

  2. I’d highly recommend the T3 podcast, it brings a bit of fun back into todays dull computing world!

  3. Rich, I must thank you for getting me into podcasts a few years back, they really do make traffic jams so much more productive, and these days as a parent I no longer have time for reading IT press – Cheers!

    • Alan – you’re welcome! One of my goals a couple of years ago was to make travel more enjoyable – and the Podcasts listed here go some way to making those long journeys and tiring commutes much more agreeable. I’m happy to share them with others!

  4. Hi Richard,
    Thank you for including our newly launched IT Channel Inbound Marketing podcast on your recommended podcasts list. Much appreciated!

  5. Richard,

    Thanks for including my podcasts in your list. I’ll do a similar podcast on the ones I listen to in return.

    Always keen to hear from people who are interested in coming on my show. You pick the topic.

    Robert Crane

  6. Thanks so much for including my podcast Richard! I’m always glad to help out IT professionals whenever I can.

  7. Hi Richard,

    Thanks so much for including the Marketing Academy Podcast in this list of other excellent podcasts! It’s an honour and a pleasure to be recognised.

    Don’t forget to be awesome.


  8. Thanks for the tips Rich I’ll add them to my subscriptions. Two I like are found at and
    Both with an Irish twist but you can forgive me for that .

  9. Great revived blog post Ric, and it’d be silly of me not to give our new show ‘All Things Productivity’ a plug 😉
    Have a great weekend! Dave


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