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7 Productivity Tips for IT Business Owners

Productivity Tips A heads-up that I’ll be joining my friend Rich Akullian of Autotask for a webinar on Thursday March 27th at 3pm GMT (11am EST) to discuss 7 Productivity Tips for IT Business Owners and how you can take control of your day!

Are you overwhelmed?

Are you overwhelmed by all the things you need to do as an IT Business Owner? Do you hear yourself saying “I should do that, but I haven’t had the time” about important tasks that will help your business grow? But how do you make the time to do the important when the urgent keeps interrupting you?

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In this one-hour webinar, industry expert Richard Tubb and Rich Akullian of Autotask will share 7 practical techniques for helping you get out from under, bring order from chaos and gain control over your time and energy.

You can register for the 7 Productivity Tips for IT Business Owners: Take Control of Your Day! webinar now – and if you can’t make it on the day, then make sure to still register for details of the on-demand recording.

I look forward to you joining us!


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The 2014 list of IT Channel Events for MSP’s

IT Channel Event Each year I produce a list of IT Channel events that will be of interest to IT Solution Providers and Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) based in the UK and Europe.

All dates are subject to change and I’d strongly encourage you to contact the event organisers directly before making any travel plans based on information listed here.


Updates and Amendments

I try to keep this list regularly updated, so if you have an event then please feel free to contact me and let me know about it.

Last Edit: 15th April, 2014. Latest updates in bold.

Annual UK IT Channel Events


Other Regular UK IT Channel Events


Annual European IT Channel Events




  • Jan 27th – 31st 2014 – Cisco Live! – Milano Congressi, Milan




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Being Inspired at TEDx Warwick 2014

TEDx Warwick

Image courtesy of TEDx Warwick

I’ve just got back from this years TEDx Warwick event at Warwick Arts Centre in Warwick University. This is the third year I’ve attended TEDx Warwick, and each year I’m in awe at the fantastic job the organisers do and how much so many of the speakers at the event inspires me in so many areas of my life.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talks then get yourself across to where you can see some riveting talks by remarkable people, all for free. Thought provoking, often inspiring and always educational – I mentioned recently that I’ve made TED talks a part of my Daily Productivity Routine to get me started for the day.

TEDx events are coordinated locally and independently, on a community-by-community basis. They are created in the spirit of TED’s mission, that being “ideas worth spreading”.

The theme of this years TEDx Warwick event was “Inside Out” – looking at the idea that in a world where globalisation is bringing about an increasing trend of localisation and individuation, seemingly paradoxical headlines are often daily features.

I thought I’d take a look at some of my personal highlights from TEDx Warwick 2014.

Happiness at work

First up was Nic Marks talking about Happiness. Nic has already recorded a very popular video about “The Happy Planet Index” and in this talk he looked at the business impact of happiness. For instance, in the Gallup State of the Global Workplace 2014 poll it was revealed that only 13% of employees are actively engaged at work.

What effect does this have on business? Well, Nic estimates that the cost of unhappiness at work in a 100 person business equals $1 million per year.

Examples were given of businesses that put employees first, such as Zappos, and the positive effect this can have on retention and attendance of staff, and for the business as a whole, an increased bottom line.

A thoroughly engaging presentation and I’d recommend following Nic’s business Happiness Works on Twitter for more insight. Food for thought for any business.

The Smartphone HomunculusUnderstanding and exploring Sensor Data

Gerson Dublon is a PhD student at the MIT Medial Lab where he develops new tools for understanding and exploring sensor data. In his talk he looked at how we interact with the world around us – or in the case of most of our Smartphone toting generation, how we sometimes don’t interact with the world that’s directly around us, just the tiny screen in front of us!

Dublon offered the Smartphone Homunculus (pictured left) as an idea of how we prominantely use our senses with Technology – which drew some chuckles but also some agreeing nods.

There were some fascinating projects offered up by Dublon including looking at how a building was used during a conference, and an Arboreal Telepresence – an audio-haptic display embedded in the natural environment.

I’d highly recommend checking out Gershon Dublon’s website for more details on his research.

Lighting a Billion Lives


Image courtesy of GravityLight and IndieGoGo

Jim Reeves of Deciwatt shared the story of creating Gravity Light, an eco-product that could help millions of people.

GravityLight is an innovative device that generates light from gravity. It takes only 3 seconds to lift the weight that powers GravityLight creating 25 minutes of light on its descent.

The product is a result of a plan to eradicate Kerosene lighting from developing countries – a dangerous way for people to light their homes after the sun goes down. Reeves shared how an IndieGoGo campaign aimed to raise $55,000 for this product and ended up pulling $399,590 instead.

The product has the potential to change the lives of millions of people who live “off the grid”, and I for one can see applications well beyond the developing world too.

If you’d like to be kept up to date on the progress of GravityLight then sign up for the GravityLight Mailing List for email updates.

Urban Beekeeping, Beatboxing and Green Graffiti

The talks I’ve mentioned above were just three of sixteen talks on the day. Other highlights for me included

  • Alison Benjamin, the editor of the Guardian’s Society section, who delivered a presentation called “Urban Buzz” on how becoming an urban Bee Keeper can influence lives, positively effect communities and change the way you view the world.
  • THePETEBOX who blew my mind with his loop pedal beatbox performance (check out THePETEBOX website for some of his awesome videos!)
  • Jim Reeves who is an advertising professional who loves Dirt! Reeves has created an unconventional method of advertising in GreenGraffiti, washing advertising into pavements, which has a lower impact on the environment and a higher impact on the audience.

But it’s fair to say that every single speaker inspired and provoked thought in equal measure.


A huge thank-you to everyone who puts so much time and effort into organising TEDx Warwick this year and to the speakers who give their time to stand up and share their thoughts in front of 1200+ people.

The event is always well organised, educational and inspiring in equal measure and if you’ve never been to a TEDx event, then I’d encourage you to seek one out near to you!

Webinar – Time Management for IT Business Owners

Time ManagementA heads-up I’ll be joining my friends at MSP Business Management for a free webinar on Thursday February 27th between 1600-1700 GMT (1100-1200 EST) to talk about Time Management for IT Business Owners.

EDIT: You can now view the on-demand recording of “Time Management for IT Business Owners” webinar with MSP Business Management.

How do you find the time to do what is important?

If you ask the owner of any IT Solution Provider or Managed Service Provider (MSP) business what one of their biggest challenges is, and they’ll tell you it’s finding the time to do everything they want or need to.

In this one-hour free webinar, Scott Calonico of MSP Business Management and I will be sharing some practical techniques and methods that IT Business Owners can use to manage their time and reduce their stress levels — all while increasing your businesses profitability.

View the free webinar on-demand

You can now view the on-demand recording of “Time Management for IT Business Owners” webinar with MSP Business Management for free.

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SMB Online Conference 2014 – Keynoted by Michael E. Gerber

SMB Online Conference 2014 This years SMB Online Conference takes place online June 24th-26th and it promises to be the best event ever!

Organised by the top MSP writer in the IT industry, Karl Palachuk, each year the SMB Online Conference brings together some of the top business speakers, leaders and influencers who share 3 days worth of awesome live content which will help you overcome the hurdles to growing your own IT business and be successful.

Systematic Success

Michael E. GerberThe theme of this years Conference is “Systematic Success” and shares the processes, procedures and products that you need to focus on to be successful with your IT business going forward. In short, all the speakers at this years Conference want to help you build systems for your IT business that ensure you are wildly successful.

I’m honoured to have been asked by Karl to return as a Speaker at this years event, and am more excited than you can possibly imagine to be able share the “virtual” stage with one of my all-time business heroes Michael E. Gerber – author of the book that I refer to as The Managed Service Provider “Bible” – The E-Myth Revisited.

Anyone who has ever spoken to me about my own journey from lone IT Consultant to my MSP owner to my current role working with other MSP owners will know that I was profoundly influenced by what I read in the E-Myth, and I highly recommend it to any IT business owners that I now work with.

Registration now open

I can also tell you that as a Speaker at last years Conference, I not only enjoyed delivering my presentation but sat in and learned from many of my fellow speakers and got great value as an attendee too. I’d expect this years Conference to top that, and you can be sure I’ll be “virtually” front and centre for Mr. Gerber’s presentation!

Taking place June 22nd-24th, 2014, registration for the SMB Online Conference 2014 is now open. You get three days of Conference, 15 hours of education, and 100% new content. Given the addition of legendary business guru Michael E. Gerber to the speaker line-up, it wouldn’t surprise me if the event sold out quickly – so get in fast and register today!


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