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Fount – Identify any web font you see!

Fount LogoEvery Friday I try to share one of my favourite finds of the week – a web-site, tool or app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is Fount – a free tool that enables you to quickly identify any web font you see!

Bookmark to quickly identify web fonts

Fount can be a very useful tool for anyone involved in the design or maintenance of web pages. You may spot a font on a web page and want to quickly find out what that font is called. I also know from experience that it’s very easy to use a font in one of your own pages and then forget the name of the font in the future!

Fount Screenshot To use Fount, visit and drag the Fount button to your bookmarks bar. The next time you see a font you want to identify, click the Fount bookmark and then click on the font you’d like it to identify. Simple, but powerful!

Thanks to Yvonne Miaoulis of MSP Builder for the link!

Twubs – Register Hashtags and Manage Twitter chat for events

Twubs - Register HashtagsEvery Friday I try to share one of my favourite finds of the week – a web-site, tool or app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is Twubs - a new Twitter chat experience based around Hashtags which can help event organisers to register hashtags and manage Twitter chat for events.

Hashtags for events

Twubs ScreenshotMost Twitter users are familiar with Hashtags (#) – a way of grouping Twitter conversations about a single topic or event together. But it can be difficult to find and follow the right Hashtag for an event such as an IT Conference.

Twubs is a free service that allows event organisers to register a hashtag and then brand a page around that hashtag to share with others.

Moderate and Embed Tweets

Twubs also offers the facility for event organisers to moderate Tweets on their page – reducing spam and abusive Tweets – and to embed the Hashtag feed on your own website, making it easy for followers to find the Tweets about your events.

Post-event, Twubs allows event organisers to create an archive of Tweets and media shared during the event.


Twubs is an interesting tool and one that should be very useful to the organiser of any event to use.

Thanks to Michael de Groot for bringing my attention to Twubs!

Peek – Website Testing by a Real Person

Peek by UserTestingEvery Friday I try to share one of my favourite finds of the week – a web-site, tool or app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is Peek by UserTesting.

Website Testing by a Real Person

If you’re a web-site owner, then Peek allows you to see and hear a 5-minute video of a real person using your web-site – offering comments and feedback on its look and feel, how usable it is and what they think about your site overall.

The Peek service is currently in beta and so testing is totally free! Videos of someone using your site are usually delivered within a few hours, but during busy periods may take a few days.

Insights into usability

I found that my video was delivered within a couple of days, and offered some valuable insights into what an impartial visitor to my blog had to say. I’ll be making some changes based on that feedback!

Thanks to David Hay of and Matt Rose of Quintadena for the link!

Persona – Online Reputation Management

Persona - Online Reputation ManagementEvery Friday I try to share one of my favourite finds of the week – a web-site, tool or app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is Persona.

Persona is an online reputation management tool. It actively scans your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles and lets you identify and manage content that could compromise your personal brand – whether it be an inappropriate status update, a dodgy photo you may have been tagged in, or even a low-brow comment that a friend may have left.

Employers check Social Media

With employers now actively checking job applicants Social Media I can see tools like Persona being of huge benefit to job seekers who don’t realise the negative impact a dodgy photo or an inappropriate comment can have on their reputation.

Persona offers a historical clean up (scanning your entire profile) and then offers real-time monitoring of your profile – alerting you to issues so you can deal with them.


Sign-up for Persona is free and monitors Facebook, Twitter & Google+ for text posts, comments, links and hash-tags, while there is a Persona Pro plan at $19.99 per year which also monitors images.

If you’re a job seeker, self-employed or care about your online reputation at all – then Persona looks like it will be a useful tool to help you avoid sharing anything that could damage your reputation online.

Jelly – Search the group mind of your Social Networks

Jelly - Let's help each otherFor the past couple of years, every Friday I’ve posted my “Friday Favourites” – quick links to cool content, apps and tools that I’d found that week.

For 2014, I thought I’d mix the format up a bit and focus a bit deeper onto the single piece of content, app or tool that’s really caught my eye in the week. Goodbye Friday Favourites, hello Friday Favourite!

My Friday Favourite for this week was recommended to me by James Kimbley of Kimbley IT and it’s an app for iOS and Android called Jelly.

Jelly’s tagline is “Let’s help each other” and is best described as giving you the ability to search the group mind of your Social Networks.

It’s similar to using a traditional Search Engine to ask questions, but it uses pictures and your existing social network connections to submit your questions to others. Your connections, in turn, can ask questions which you might be able to answer.

As Jelly puts it “No matter how sophisticated our algorithms become, they are still no match for the experience, inventiveness, and creativity of the human mind.”

I’ve been trying Jelly for the past week, and it’s good fun. Give it a go!


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