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Pixelgarde – Add, Remove or Change Geotags in Images

Did you know your images contain personal location tags? My Friday Favourite is Pixelgarde. A tool to enable you to Add, Remove or Change Geotags in images. Read more [...]

Fleep – Bring All Your Conversations Together

My Friday Favourite is Fleep, a free tool to Bring All Your Conversations Together. Collaborate with others using traditional email, but more effectively! Read more [...]

AwardWallet – Track Your Reward Programs

My Friday Favourite is AwardWallet, a free service that keeps track of your reward programs such as your frequent flyer miles, hotel and credit card points. Read more [...]

Sugru – Mouldable Glue

My Friday Favourite is Sugru. Sugru is mouldable glue. Stick it, shape it and leave it to dry and it will turn into rubber. Use Sugru for tech and gadgets! Read more [...]

Coffitivity – Recreate the ambient sounds of a cafe

Coffitivity is a free web site and app that helps you recreate the ambient sounds of a cafe and be more productive! Read more [...]

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