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Why Successful Business Leaders Read Regularly

Why do successful business leaders read books regularly? This blog post explores the benefits to business owners of reading regularly. Read more [...]

The Books I Love And Recommend

A feature I lost when moving Tubblog from Windows Live Spaces to late in 2010 was my regularly updated list of “Recommended Reading" kept on the blog site. A long time blog reader (thanks John!) recently asked me where this list had gone – apparently he’d found it quite useful. So in an attempt to once again share with you the books I both love and recommend, you can now… Find my “all time favourites” – the books that have assisted me with my personal and professional development, business growth and productivity – over at my Amazon “Recommended Reading” on-line store *1 See what I’ve been reading and am currently reading by connecting with me at I’ve found – recommended to me by my Australian buddy Robert Crane - a great way to keep up to date on what my like minded friends and peers are reading. It has some Read more [...]

Karl Palachuk’s Relax Focus Succeed

Looking at Karl Palachuk's Relax Focus Succeed book, blog and podcasts. Read more [...]

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