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Why the “Internet of Things” is an opportunity for MSP’s

What is the "Internet of Things"? I look at the number of IP devices and interview Dave Sobel on why the "Internet of Things" is an opportunity for MSP's. Read more [...]

The Top 5 Questions Asked by MSP’s about Cloud Computing

In this guest blog post, Business Contracts Solicitor Sue Mann answers the Top 5 Questions Asked by Managed Service Providers (MSP's) about Cloud Computing. Read more [...]

Goodbye SBS, Hello to a World of Alternatives

Microsoft have announced the end-of-life of SBS 2011 and Small Business Server range. Here's a look at the alternatives for SMB IT companies. Read more [...]

Webinar – IT Service Providers Guide to Making Money with Cloud Virtualization – Wed 30th Nov

A heads-up that I’ll be joining my good friend and “Mr. Virtualization” himself, Dave Sobel of Evolvetech this Wednesday for a Doyenz Webinar about how IT Service Providers can make money with Cloud Virtualization (or as we’d call it in the UK, Cloud Virtualisation!). I gave a presentation at the hugely well attended Autotask User Group in London a couple of weeks ago on how IT companies can use tools like Doyenz’s rCloud (released in the UK just this month) to provide Off-Site Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions to SMB clients – and from the dozens of conversations I had after that presentation, I know that how to make money from the Cloud is a really hot topic amongst IT Solution Providers and MSP’s right now. In this webinar we’ll be touching upon Cloud Virtualization and other solutions, exploring which trends are here to stay and how you can incorporate them Read more [...]

AMITPRO Meeting – 03.08.10 – Two *very* special speakers!

A heads-up that this months’ AMITPRO meeting is taking place a week earlier than usual, and happens on Tuesday August 3rd, 1700 at the Arden Hotel in Solihull. The reason for the date change is to accommodate two very special visiting guest presenters. Flying in from the USA is “Mr. Virtualization” himself – Dave Sobel of Washington, DC based Evolvetech. Dave is the author of the book “Virtualization: Defined. A Primer for the SMB Consultant”and an expert in the field of virtualisation. Prior to the meeting, Dave took the unusual step of throwing out some options to the group on which presentation they’d like to see from him – and after voting, the group decided upon:- “Cloud Computing: Friend, Foe, or Fiction?” There is a lot of buzz about cloud computing. But what is it, and how can you use it? Is it a rehash of something from old, or is this really Read more [...]

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