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Why the “Internet of Things” is an opportunity for MSP’s

What is the "Internet of Things"? I look at the number of IP devices and interview Dave Sobel on why the "Internet of Things" is an opportunity for MSP's. Read more [...]

The Top 5 Questions Asked by MSP’s about Cloud Computing

In this guest blog post, Business Contracts Solicitor Sue Mann answers the Top 5 Questions Asked by Managed Service Providers (MSP's) about Cloud Computing. Read more [...]

Goodbye SBS, Hello to a World of Alternatives

Microsoft have announced the end-of-life of SBS 2011 and Small Business Server range. Here's a look at the alternatives for SMB IT companies. Read more [...]

Reporting from WPC10 – Next Versions of SBS Announced

Two of the biggest announcements coming out of the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2010 in Washington, DC, at least from an SMB perspective, are the announcement of the next versions of Small Business Server. I say versions, because in addition to SBS 7 – the successor to SBS 2008 – Microsoft announced their much rumoured Hybrid Cloud Server – codename “Aurora”. First SBS 7. Based on the Server 2008 R2 technologies, it will include Exchange 2010 and Sharepoint Foundation Server 2010. Beyond that, it “felt” a little bit like Server 2008 – no real compelling reason for people to get excited or consider an upgrade, unless forced to do so by a hardware refresh. I’m sure more details will come out over the next few weeks, but SBS 7 really felt overshadowed by the announced of Aurora. Aurora is aimed at those Small Businesses who don’t currently have a server, Read more [...]

Cloud Computing – good for clients, bad for IT companies?

Is Cloud Computing good for clients but bad for IT companies? How do MSP's and IT Solution Providers make any money from the Cloud? Read more [...]

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