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Pixelgarde – Add, Remove or Change Geotags in Images

Did you know your images contain personal location tags? My Friday Favourite is Pixelgarde. A tool to enable you to Add, Remove or Change Geotags in images. Read more [...]

Social Networking is a life’s highlight reel, not the whole story

Exploring the fact that what we share on Social Networking is a life's highlight reel, not the whole story and how this can lead to unhealthy comparisons. Read more [...]

How to improve Facebook’s News Feed

Becoming frustrated with too many things you aren't interested in within your Facebook news feed? Here's How to improve Facebook's News Feed in 5 easy steps Read more [...]

Should You Quit Facebook?

Should You Quit Facebook? If you think you've fallen out of love with Facebook, then you should probably quit. But read this first! Read more [...]

Slingr – Buy someone a drink from anywhere in the world!

My Friday Favourite is Slingr – a location-based social gifting app that allows you to buy a drink beer for somebody, wherever you are in the world! Read more [...]

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