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Persona – Online Reputation Management

My Friday Favourite is Persona - an online reputation management tool which scans Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and alerts you to inappropriate content. Read more [...]

How To Use Social Media To Be More Effective At Your Job

Details of a free webinar I'm presenting with CompTIA entitled How To Use Social Media To Be More Effective At Your Job. Read more [...]

Why I’m now blogging on Google Plus

Why I'm now blogging on Google Plus in addition to this blog and why you should seek me out if you enjoy reading about technology, gadgets, books and more! Read more [...]

Friday Favourites – 28th December, 2012

My final Friday Favourites of 2012 includes a search dashboard, a personalised social media infographic creator, and a tool for your New Years resolutions! Read more [...]

Friday Favourites – 21st December, 2012

My Friday Favourites for 21st December 2012 includes a screen-capture tool, an Android photo app and how to arrange a free personalised call from Santa! Read more [...]

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