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Google Privacy Updates and the Information Google hold about you

Taking a look at changes to the Google Privacy Terms & Conditions, how Google stores information on your browsing habits and uses it within advertisements. Read more [...]

How To efficiently schedule meetings with Tungle

Looking at How To efficiently schedule meetings with Tungle, the on-line meeting scheduling tool from Blackberry. Read more [...]

How to Protect the Data on your Laptop or Mobile Device – Part Two

Read Part One of this article here. *** I recently wrote about the lessons I’d learned from losing my laptop computer, and the measures I’d taken to ensure my devices and data were protected going forwards. I was lucky enough to have my laptop returned to me, but what would happen if you lost a mobile device such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet? Earlier in the week I looked at tracking your lost device, but now I’m looking at protecting the most valuable part of any Laptop or other mobile device – your data. In yesterday’s article I looked at using Encryption and Device Lock mechanisms to protect your mobile device data. In the second part of my guide on how to protect the data on your laptop or mobile device, let’s take a look at how you’d recover your data if you ever lost the mobile device that data is stored upon. Backing up your basic Data For all Read more [...]

My Mobile Phone Experiment, Part One – Thoughts on the iPhone

Regular readers of this blog will know I’ve been a long-standing fan of the Windows Mobile Smartphone. I’ve always owned Windows Mobile devices, including my last phone – a HTC HD2. Unfortunately, with that device dying a death and Microsoft slowly killing off support for Windows Mobile, it’s now time for me to upgrade. But to which device? Android, iPhone or Windows Phone? A few weeks ago I started an experiment. Grabbing a SIM Only Deal from mobile carrier, Three – I would, in turn, use an iPhone, an Android device and a Windows Phone device for a few weeks at a time each, and use them in anger as my sole device for day-to-day activities, both business and leisure. You can read my original blog post on the “experiment” here (go on, have a read – I’ll wait here for you). For clarification – and to head off the hundreds of e-mails I’ll get about using an iPhone Read more [...]

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