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A list of User Groups for UK Managed Service Providers

Here is a regularly updated list of User Groups for UK based Managed Service Providers and IT Solution Providers. Read more [...]

Please S.W.I.P.E. away!

Want to use my content? Then please SWIPE away! Looking at what SWIPE means, and how you can re-use others content in a right and proper way Read more [...]

Do Givers Gain?

In both business and personal life, do Givers gain? Does putting others before yourself contribute to your own success? Does it work at BNI groups? Read more [...]

Live Meeting – Four Plans That Can Change Everything

One of (if not the) biggest influences on me as a business owner in the past 2 years has been HTG – the Heartlands Technology Group. I’ve spoken about HTG before, but in a nutshell it is a peer group that helps raise the bar for all members by helping them form goals and holding them accountable for those goals. One of the interesting things is, planning for these goals is not purely business related – very often the plans deal with your Life/Work Balance, your personal goals, your goals and aspirations for your family, and even planning for after you are no longer able to read this blog - and by that I don’t mean you’ve got no 3G signal on your iPhone… :-) Making these plans has been one of the key drivers in helping me grow as an individual and in turn, helping my business grow. If you’re wondering where to start with all this planning, then you’ll be interested Read more [...]

A great example of Microsoft Partners collaborating to deliver value

Looking at a great example of Microsoft Partners collaborating to deliver value - working together to deliver a large project for Aparion IT. Read more [...]

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