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A list of User Groups for UK Managed Service Providers

Here is a regularly updated list of User Groups for UK based Managed Service Providers and IT Solution Providers. Read more [...]

Please S.W.I.P.E. away!

Want to use my content? Then please SWIPE away! Looking at what SWIPE means, and how you can re-use others content in a right and proper way Read more [...]

Do Givers Gain?

In both business and personal life, do Givers gain? Does putting others before yourself contribute to your own success? Does it work at BNI groups? Read more [...]

A great example of Microsoft Partners collaborating to deliver value

Looking at a great example of Microsoft Partners collaborating to deliver value - working together to deliver a large project for Aparion IT. Read more [...]

What happens at HTG Meetings?

So this is going to be my laziest blog post ever. I’m currently in Dallas, TX for the latest Heartlands Technology Group (HTG) meeting – my MSP is a part of HTG11, the UK and Ireland group, and our group is meeting here along with all the other HTG Worldwide groups. Since becoming a HTG member last year, HTG has a massive positive influence on both my business and me as an individual. Because of this, I mention HTG a lot during conversations with peers, suppliers and friends, and so I get asked “What is HTG?” and “What happens at HTG meetings?” a lot. This blog post was going to explain what we do at a HTG meeting, but then my fellow HTG member, Karl Palachuk, went and wrote about exactly the same subject. Frankly, I couldn’t explain things any better than Karl – so if you want to know what HTG is or what happens at HTG Group meetings… go read Karl’s blog Read more [...]

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