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How to Discover your “Other” Facebook Inbox

Question MarkDid you know that your Facebook account has two message inboxes?

There’s the standard inbox – where you get messages from friends. But there’s also the “Other” inbox, where messages from Pages you’ve “Liked” and people you’re not yet connected to on Facebook go to.

Finding your “Other” inbox

Unlike your standard inbox – which Facebook notifies you whenever you’ve received a message to – the “Other” inbox fills up without you receiving any notifications.

Go ahead and check it now, I bet it’s full of messages going back months and months that you weren’t aware of!

To see your “Other” inbox…

1.  When logged into Facebook, within your Favourites on the left-hand side of the screen, click on the “Messages” link

Facebook Messages Screenshot






2. A new “Other” link will appear besides the “Inbox” link. Click the “Other” link.

Facebook Other Inbox







3. On the right hand side, your “Other messages” will now appear.


Sadly I’ve not found a way to be notified when messages appear in your “Other” inbox – but at least now you’re aware of it you can check it from time to time so you don’t miss anything important!


Imaged used courtesy of Stefano Bertolotti under Creative Commons license.


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