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FireChat – Off the Grid Instant Messaging

FireChat is an off the grid instant messaging App that enables ommunication with others even in the absence of a Wireless or Mobile Internet connection! Read more [...]

The Best Windows Mobile Apps – Part III

In my last blog posts, I talked about the 3rd Party applications you can run on your Windows Mobile device that will 1 - help you be more productive - and 2 - help you work remotely and get from A to B efficiently. As promised, in the final look at my favourite Windows Mobile Apps I'll mention the "best of the rest" that I have installed on my T-Mobile MDA Vario II Windows Mobile device. The MDA Vario II has Wi-Fi built into it, but the software for finding Wi-Fi signals that comes with the device is best described as "basic" at best. Aspecto Software's excellent WiFiFoFum is a much more matureĀ  alternative which I regularly use to help me set up Wireless Access Points at client sites and to find free Wi-Fi signals when out and about. It provides a wealth of information on nearby signals including an excellent "Radar" mode which shows you in which location the signals are coming Read more [...]

Windows Live Messenger Charity Campaign – I’m Making a Difference

Looking at the Windows (MSN) Live Messenger Charitable Campaign - I'm Making a Difference. Read more [...]

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