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Friday Favourites – August 24th, 2012

Image used courtesy of Sarah Reid under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) LicenseEvery Friday I try to post links to cool content and tools that I’ve found or had recommended to me.

This weeks set of tools has a finance theme and are aimed at UK businesses.

  • Sliq Invoicing and Quoting – For speeding up the process of quoting, I’ve always been a big QuoteWerks fan. But for companies that are still using Excel or Word for quoting/invoicing, and consider QuoteWerks too powerful (or too expensive) then Sliq Invoicing and Quoting can help reduce the time spent on admin, and costs a mere one off £34. Thanks Alan Silvester of Storm IT for the heads-up!
  • DueDil – Offers the ability to search Companies House information for free as well as collate information from a lot of other sources (such as Red Flags on Health and Safety violations) besides. A really useful Dashboard for keeping tracks on your clients, prospects, partners and competitors financial and general business health.
  • MyPAYE – For Micro and Small businesses, managing the payroll can be an expensive and complex headache. MyPAYE is an on-line PAYE package that does all the hard work for you, integrates with many of the leading accountancy packages, but costs just £1 per month per employee. For readers of this blog, if you register at with the Referral Code “MPY1797Nf” you’ll get a 3 month (as opposed to the standard 1 month) free trial.

Any cool content or tools to share with me? Contact me and I if I feature them in my blog, I’ll be sure to give you credit!

Have a great weekend! Smile

Things I’ve learnt as a business owner this month

ChalkboardAs August draws to a close, here is a selection of random stuff I’ve learnt (or had to re-learn) as a Business Owner this month.

  • Risk Management doesn’t just mean Health and Safety – it means planning for the worst in any scenario
  • Invoicing on time is really, really important
  • Taking on employees won’t magically free up all of your time to do more important things – in fact it will take up more of your time… initially, at least
  • Understand that some suppliers simply don’t understand good Customer Service – by all means register your complaint at their feckless behaviour, but don’t expect them to respond to it – don’t try to change them, simply don’t give them your business anymore
  • If an Supplier you’ve never dealt with before says they’ve got an item in stock on their web-site – don’t believe them
  • If an Supplier you’ve never dealt with before says they’ve got an item in stock over the telephone – still don’t believe them
  • Don’t deal with Suppliers you’ve never dealt with before – unless they’ve been recommended to you by a respected peer
  • If you’ve not put your prices up in the last twelve months, put them up today – it’s the quickest way to increase profits without winning any new work
  • Get your Engineers to carry spare USB, Ethernet, Modem and Power Cables in their work-kit and leave ample spares on client sites – when you’re ultra-busy and have to waste 30 minutes travel-time in a round-trip to collect a £0.69p cable, this point becomes especially relevant
  • Always copy the SBS Installation CD’s onto the Server Hard Disk to save yourself a trip to site
  • Never ask a client to put a SBS Installation CD into a Server CD-ROM – they’ll probably end up putting in the Parallel Port, or the UPS, or the Toilet Cistern…
  • Label every plug for future reference
  • Never remove an unlabelled plug assuming it’s a monitor – you’ll undoubtedly find it’s a server…
  • When you’re feeling a bit uninspired, aimlessly Facebook is not the place to look to for inspiration – read a chapter from a good motivational book instead
  • You can’t do it all on your own – don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • When you’re feeling low, kind words from peers can be a real boost
  • And remember that a kind word from you to a peer might help lift them when they need it too
  • Don’t work on a problem for more than an hour before asking someone for a fresh perspective
  • Don’t miss breakfast or lunch, and regularly get a good nights sleep
  • If something is urgent, pick up the ‘phone and call them instead of e-mailing them
  • Been putting off making a ‘phone call? What’s stopping you from making it right now?

If any of the above seems bleeding obvious, then that’s because it most certainly is – but I’m guessing you’ve got a similar story to share so feel free to leave comments with your stunning realisations, I’d love to read ‘em. :-)


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