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Autotask Community on Tour – London – 18th Nov, 2011 – New larger venue to accommodate popularity!

A heads-up that the Autotask Community on Tour event that takes place this Friday 18th November in London has *exploded* in popularity over this past week! I understand the team at Autotask were expecting around 100 registrations, but with the upsurge in new Autotask users within the UK over the past few months and the strong line-up for the day, at the close of business on Friday registration had exceeded 200! To their credit, Autotask haven’t backed away from the situation and instead have moved the event from the original venue of the Holiday Inn in Oxford Circus to the Grand Connaught Rooms in London. If you’ve ever visited the Connaught before, you’ll know it’s a great venue! What’s more, Autotask MVP Lee Evans of Vital dropped me a line on Friday to say that thanks to the new bigger venue, he’s contacted those non-Autotask users who expressed an interest in attending Read more [...]

Building a Community – Lessons from GFI Max

Looking at Building a Community and the lessons that Vendors can learn from how GFI Max have successfully built a community. Read more [...]

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