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How to Discover your “Other” Facebook Inbox

Did you know that Facebook has two inboxes for messages? You're probably aware of the first - but here's how to discover your "other" inbox! Read more [...]

How to see all the pages you Like on Facebook

// // I was recently asked by a fellow Facebook user on how they could view all the pages they’d hit for the “Like” button on Facebook. Sometimes you hit “Like” on a product or service, only to become increasingly annoyed with spam-like over frequent updates – in which case you “un-like” it! At first glance, it’s not simple to work out how to see a history of your “Likes”. Certainly, at the time of writing there was no Facebook help article on how to do this. So here’s how you can do it. Seeing all the pages you Like 1. Once logged into Facebook via a web-browser, click the your Profile name link in the top right hand corner. 2. From the top profile menu, click Update Info.         3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the Likes section. Click the More menu and select Other Likes.     4. Read more [...]

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