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How to Protect yourself from Scams on Facebook and Twitter

A new tool from BitDefender helps you and your friends stay safe and shows you how to protect yourself from Scams on Facebook and Twitter. Read more [...]

5 awesome Windows Mobile 6.5 Apps you may not be using

In my last blog post, I wrote about my intention to stick with the Windows Mobile 6.5 platform on my HTC HD2 mobile phone for a while yet. Yes, I know the end is nigh and WinMo 6.5 is a dead O/S – but if there isn’t a compelling reason to move to another platform yet, why change for the sake of change? It appears I’m not alone, as I received more than a few Tweets and messages from other Windows Mobile 6.5 users who are doing the same and not upgrading until they feel compelled to do so. With that in mind, I thought I’d share a few apps for WinMo 6.5 that I’ve stumbled upon in the past few months and which have made my day-to-day Windows Mobile 6.5 experience even better. moTweets For accessing the Social Networking site Twitter, HTC’s in-built “Peep” application for the HD2 is fine. But I’ve noticed it slows down the ‘phone when running scheduled updates Read more [...]

Microsoft Security Essentials available FREE to Small Businesses!

Earlier this month I wrote about “Best Free Anti-Virus for Home Users?” and rated Microsoft Security Essentials as the number one product.I also included the caveat that “We’re talking products that are free to use for Domestic personal use at home – not for Commercial or Small Business work as usage in a Commercial environment is often strictly prohibited in the License terms. Well – Microsoft’s Eric Ligman made an announcement that beginning in early October, Microsoft will be allowing Small Businesses with up to 10 users to use Microsoft Security Essentials free of charge! Eric writes “… we are extremely excited today to let you know that Microsoft is making its Microsoft Security Essentials available to small businesses on up to 10 PCs for FREE, beginning in early October! By providing Microsoft Security Essentials to small businesses free of charge, Microsoft Read more [...]

What is the Best Free Anti-Virus for Home users?

I was recently asked for my opinion on the Best Free Anti-Virus product available for Home PC’s. We’re talking products that are free to use for Domestic personal use at home – not for Commercial or Small Business work as usage in a Commercial environment is often strictly prohibited in the License terms (although my top pick allows free use in a Commercial environment too!) With that in mind, here are my top three picks:- 3. Panda Cloud Anti-Virus Unlike traditional Antivirus products, Panda Cloud is slightly different in that it stores the latest virus definitions online. This means that when a new virus threat is detected, and a virus definition produced, Panda is automatically protected against that virus by always having the latest definition available to it, with no requirement to download or install any updates. In theory, this also means a very lightweight Anti-Virus Read more [...]

How to fix a Web-Browser that is being re-directed to

At the danger of incurring the wrath of my buddy “Angry” Andy Parkes again by being too techie three blog posts in a row – we had an “interesting” problem reported by a client this morning that I thought I’d share. Despite having a fully up-to date and working Trend Worry Free Business Securityclient in place, they’d “somehow” got themselves infected with what they thought was a virus. We won’t investigate the events leading up to the “somehow” but instead concentrate on what effect the infection had on the laptop. In a nutshell the problem was that Internet Explorer kept intermittently re-directing their web-browsing to the dodgy search engine web-site windowsclick(dot)com. We advised the client we could deal with the problem, and so grabbed our AV tools and went to work. Except non of our usual toolkit did work – both Trend and Symantec didn’t Read more [...]

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