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Important Service Message from BT Business Broadband – “We Suck!”

It’s Monday morning and our Technical Support Team has just spent over 90 minutes resolving an issue with a client who is running BT Business Broadband. The issue was an odd one – our remote monitoring and maintenance tools were not working, Internet connectivity was intermittently dropping every few minutes, and the client was unable to browse to any web-sites. Now I know I’m hardly in the minority when I bash BT for their incredibly poor customer service, often arrogant and underhanded sales practices and poor reputation – just do a Twitter search on BT #FAIL and you’ll see dozens of complaints every day, but this latest “enhancement” surely takes the biscuit. In a nutshell, it appears all Port 80 traffic, including web browsing on any Workstation, was being re-directed to a help page which displays the following:- Once you’d clicked on “Clear Read more [...]

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