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Goodbye SBS, Hello to a World of Alternatives

Microsoft have announced the end-of-life of SBS 2011 and Small Business Server range. Here's a look at the alternatives for SMB IT companies. Read more [...]

How to fix “Connectivity to the Remote Computer could not be established” error

We experienced an odd issue today wherein a client trying to connect to a Desktop PC via Remote Web Workplace under SBS 2003 experienced an error. Despite all necessary Firewall ports being open, and all necessary privileges being given to the user to connect remotely, the client consistently got the error “Connectivity to the Remote Computer could not be established”. Trying to connect to this PC internally via http://localhost/remoteproduced the same error, ruling out any Firewall issue we’d not spotted. The answer came by way of a Microsoft Knowledgebase article at “Users cannot connect to remote desktops by using the Windows Small Business Server 2003 Remote Web Workplace“ The problem was with another process having snatched Port 4125 blocking RWW from using it. In this case, we restarted the IISAdmin service Read more [...]

How to move the CLIENTAPP folder in SBS 2003

Here’s a handy KB article from Microsoft on how to move the CLIENTAPP folder on Windows Small Business Server 2003.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been faced with an SBS 2003 C: drive running out of space and frantically looking for folders and files to move to other drives – CLIENTAPP is a prime target for re-location as the default install directory in SBS setup is C:CLIENTAPP.

Talking about Windows Mobile

The AMITPRO meeting at The Arden Hotel, Solihull on Tuesday night was a busy affair, with our largest turnout to date and a number of different speakers giving presentations. EDIT: Andy Parkes has a write-up of all the presentations at his blog. One of those speakers was Emily Lambert from Microsoft. Emily is UK Marketing Manager for Windows Mobile and not only gave a good presentation on the values of the Windows Mobile platform, but was quite open and honest about the challenges facing Windows Mobile as a brand. The groups feedback to Emily included the fact that as IT supplier to small businesses, it was difficult to engage the Mobile Providers directly about their products - or indeed to find anybody at Mobile Providers who knew what they were talking about! Mention "Small Business Server 2003" or "Push email" to a typical O2 or Orange sales rep and they'll say with a puzzled Read more [...]

How To Use SSL Certificates with SBS 2003

An article on How To Use SSL Certificates with SBS 2003 - Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Read more [...]

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