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My Mobile Phone Experiment, Part Three – Thoughts on Android

My Mobile Phone Experiment, Part Three – Thoughts on the Android Operating System and the HTC Sensation handset. Read more [...]

How Smartphone Users See Each Other

I’ve had a ton of feedback from iPhone, Android and Windows Phone fans about my blog post on my Mobile Phone experiment. I was wrong when I said that this reminded me of the days of the Atari vs Commodore “format wars”. This is much more intense! People are *really* passionate about their mobile ‘phone O/S of choice! Alistair Forbes, General Manager at GFI Max sent me this cartoon (courtesy of which I think sums up what people really think of other Smartphone users!     For what it’s worth – two days in to the first phone of the experiment (an iPhone) and I’m *loving* the wide variety of apps, but am getting irritated by the flaky Bluetooth support and relatively poor battery life. More soon…   Read more [...]

Looking at the Sony Ericsson k850i

It's 20:45 GMT here in the UK and I'm waiting to go into a Telephone Conference Call with some American colleagues. Whilst I wait for everyone to come on the line I'm naturally using my time productively (ahem...) to setup my new "going out" mobile 'phone - the Sony Ericsson k850i. What's a "going out" 'phone? Well I normally use a T-Mobile MDA Vario II on a day-to-day basis - but when out socialising then that particular rather chunky beast spoils the cut of my (if I do say so myself - very fashionable) trousers, so I keep a slimmer (or "candy bar" as I've heard it called) 'phone for these occasions. My old Sony Ericsson k600i with it's 1.3 megapixel camera was starting to look a little dated, so it was off to eBay to treat myself to the k850i - and very cool it is too! A "Cybershot" 'branded phone - it comes with a nice 5 megapixel camera and some very neat photo enhancing technology. Read more [...]

The Best Windows Mobile Apps – Part II

In my last blog post, I talked about some of the 3rd Party Windows Mobile Applications that could enable you to run your business from the pub to be more productive. As promised, in this post I'll talk about some of the applications I use to work remotely and to get myself from A to B. Top of that list of applications is... CoPilot Live. When I first moved from a PDA to a Windows Mobile Phone, I was dismayed to find that my favourite Satellite Navigation software, TomTom, did not work on my T-Mobile MDA Vario II. I had tried other Sat-Nav software in the past and never found anything to match TomTom in terms of ease of use and features. Then I tried CoPilot Live and changed my allegiances instantly! With Postcode Searching, a Walk/Cycle/Drive navigation feature (handy for when you are strolling/riding around a City Centre), good POI's (Points of Interest) and all the other features Read more [...]

The Best Windows Mobile Apps – Part I

Part I in my series of blog posts looking at the Best Windows Mobile Apps Read more [...]

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