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The Best Windows Mobile Apps – Part II

In my last blog post, I talked about some of the 3rd Party Windows Mobile Applications that could enable you to run your business from the pub to be more productive. As promised, in this post I'll talk about some of the applications I use to work remotely and to get myself from A to B. Top of that list of applications is... CoPilot Live. When I first moved from a PDA to a Windows Mobile Phone, I was dismayed to find that my favourite Satellite Navigation software, TomTom, did not work on my T-Mobile MDA Vario II. I had tried other Sat-Nav software in the past and never found anything to match TomTom in terms of ease of use and features. Then I tried CoPilot Live and changed my allegiances instantly! With Postcode Searching, a Walk/Cycle/Drive navigation feature (handy for when you are strolling/riding around a City Centre), good POI's (Points of Interest) and all the other features Read more [...]

Looking at Windows Live SkyDrive

Looking at Windows Live SkyDrive - a new service that allows you to share files across the Internet. Read more [...]

How to change your Windows Live ID

How do you change your Windows Live ID? Go to - login with your existing Live ID. Click Settings > under "Your Information" - click "change" next to your ID Enter your new ID details by following the on-screen instructions Wait for the confirmation e-mail to come through to your new ID address > respond and voila! There's a ton of other options for changing your details at too! I've never come across the site before, and without Tim over at Tigra Networks humouring me and holding my hand through the process like the newbie I was, I doubt I ever would have! I have to question how non-techy end users might find this site if I can't! Read more [...]

Looking at Google Maps for Mobiles

I've been using my new Windows Mobile 5 device (a T-Mobile MDA Vario II) for a few months now - and let's just say I'm never going back to "normal" mobile 'phones again! Much more to come on the Vario and T-Mobiles 3G service soon, but I thought I'd bring two competing applications to your attention. Google Maps for Mobiles (shown on the right) and Microsoft's Live Search for Mobiles (browse to both URL's directly from your mobile device for instant download and install) both perform similar functions. Both allow you to view local maps and scroll around nearby locations, and both allow you to find local services and directions. In use, Google Maps is superb - it's very fast indeed, and it's search facility is excellent. Live Search has a way to go yet - it feels slow, and the search facility isn't good - but I still carry both applications as they are less than 500k each. I've Read more [...]

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