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Why use a Strong Password?

Looking at the benefits of using a strong password and how convenience can be weighed up against security. Read more [...]

How to fix “Cannot copy file. The Parameter Is Incorrect” error

Had a head-scratcher today whilst migrating some data from a 500GB External USB HDD to a new 1TB External USB HDD, both attached to a client server. Some of the data refused to copy across, throwing up a "Cannot copy file. The Parameter Is Incorrect Error" each time. Same error when the copy was attempted in DOS, RoboCopy or XCOPY. Upon investigation, each of the problematic files were 10GB+ in size - and suddenly the realisation dawned - that the new external HDD was formatted as FAT32 and not NTFS, and thus suffered from FAT32's 4GB file limit. A quick format to NTFS on the drive, and I was able to copy those large files across without issue. Obviously, I have become so used to working with large files nowadays that sometimes I forget things weren't always this way! Read more [...]

How to move the System Volume Information folder

Sods Law dictates that as soon as you take steps to rectify a potentially disastrous situation, such as ordering new hardware to replace an aging and creaking server, that things will start going terribly terribly wrong as a consequence. Or so it feels, anyway. We're awaiting delivery of new hardware to replace a clients old SBS server, a server that has been running without too many difficulties for some time but was looking a little long in the tooth and so we felt was prudent to replace. No sooner had we placed the order with our suppliers for the new tin, than the existing server got wind of it's impending retirement and started acting the arse (anybody who says Artificial Intelligence will never come to happen doesn't know grumpy old servers such as this one). One such problem we encountered was the C: drive running critically low on disk space. We took the usual steps - running Read more [...]

How to force users to logoff a networked PC

Even on the smallest network, one of the issues every system administrator faces is that of getting a "clean" backup - a backup which doesn't show errors due to open files being locked and therefore unable to backup properly. True, backup applications such as Backup Exec have Advanced Open File options that allow you to overcome these issues - but if you're not using such an application, you're left in the position of politely reminding your users to logoff each night... again... and again... and again... and again... The simple fact is, when the clock hits 1730 for "knocking off" - the last thing on a users mind is the fact that if they don't logoff then the server backup may be affected. More likely they are already in the pub ordering a cold one. So how do you force users to log-off? There are 3rd Party applications to do this, but they cost money - money that the MD is unlikely Read more [...]

How to Resize Images using VSO Image Resizer

I've been running Windows Vista Business on my laptop for a while now (although the Desktop PC firmly remains Windows XP Professional - what can I say, I'm not a total convert yet...) and although tools such as Windows Live Gallery are really cool for manipulating photographs, one of the really nice applications I miss from XP is the Microsoft Image Resizer Powertoy. It simply allowed you to right-click on an image(s) and then resize the photograph from say, a 500k JPG down to a 60k JPG without any noticeable loss in picture quality. Image Resizer sadly doesn't work under Windows Vista, but I've found a useful replacement in the shape of VSO Image Resizer, which does much the same job. Right-click on your image, select the required re-size parameters, and watch your whacking great JPG file get crushed down to a more manageable size. VSO Image Resizer is a free download and works Read more [...]

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