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Meet Team Tubb

One of the most common questions I’m (flatteringly) asked about my work is “How do you manage to get so much done?”.

The honest answer is… I definitely don’t do it alone!  I have a fantastic team of skilled freelancers and Virtual Assistants who help me get stuff done to a very high standard. I’m a great believer in outsourcing, delegating and surrounding myself with people who are better than I am.

Here are the friends I affectionately refer to as “Team Tubb”. Take a moment to say hello to them!

Col Gray

Col GrayCol is a Graphic Designer and Brand expert who has a passion for branding that is as big as his trademark beard! Col has twenty years of brand and graphic design experience and works out of Dundee, Scotland.

Can you guess what type of music Col is into?

Make sure to:-

Gudrun Lauret

Gudrun LauretGudrun is a writer who helps me to make the most of my Podcasts, Videos and Webinars through transcription and repurposing.

She is an incredibly talented writer based out of Gateshead in the North-East of England, with 20+ years of experience in writing, marketing and business.

See how quickly Gudrun can respond when you:-

Holly Honeyford

Holly Honeyford

Holly is a graduate of Film, having studied at Salford University, and has an active interest in media. She is based out of Manchester, England.

Holly is my PA and is the first point of contact for many of you contacting me.

Amongst the many things Holly does to keep me on the straight and narrow, she looks after my inbox, my calendar and makes sure I’m in the right place, at the right time, with the right information to help me get the job done!

Holly is a fantastic communicator and she’s a hugely important part of my team.

You should definitely:-

Judith Burt

Judith BurtJudith was the first member of Team Tubb and helps me to take care of my social media and marketing, plus is the real brains behind the very useful Channel Events diary that we maintain on my website.

Judith and I share a love of animals — Judith is a cat rescue volunteer and regularly rescues me from getting into scrapes too!

Judith has 20+ years experience in office support with professional services businesses. She works out of beautiful Leominster in Herefordshire, England.

Why don’t you:-

Ross Coverdale

Ross Coverdale

Ross helps me to make my video and audio content as good as it can be through creative editing and design.

Ross has taken over the responsibility for my TubbTalk Podcast and for our Tubblog YouTube channel. Ross frees up my time to rock up to interview the great and the good, do my best “Michael Parkinson” impression and then hand the recording to Ross to make me look like a professional.

Based out of Forfar, Angus in Scotland, Ross has an extensive background in publishing, marketing and communications.

Ross is an easy-going sort of chap, so you should certainly:-


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