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MSP Books

I’ve authored the following books and Whitepapers which you may find of interest.

Mistakes MSPs Make

Mistakes MSP’s Make – The Five Most Important Mistakes IT Managed Service Providers Make Which Cost Them Time and Money

This eBook is aimed at IT Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) and aspiring MSP’s who want a quick and succinct answer as to the building blocks of growing a successful IT Managed Service Provider business.

In my role providing expert help to IT companies, I get to work with some of the best MSP’s in the world. To date, all the most successful MSP businesses I’ve observed are those who have avoided or overcome the five mistakes presented within this guide. I hope by sharing this information, you can avoid these mistakes and grow your own IT business more rapidly.

Buy the eBook now for your Kindle from Amazon UK or Amazon US or download a free PDF copy.

Protecting Business Critical Services - E-Mail WhitepaperProtecting Business Critical Services – E-Mail

The threat of spam, viruses and malware is here to stay. Companies that aren’t protected against these threats run a serious gauntlet of issues, not least of which being the danger of an uncaught virus wreaking havoc on a network.

Additionally, if a company’s email system is compromised and used to send outbound spam or viruses, the organization can find itself “blacklisted” and unable to send legitimate email to partners, suppliers and clients.

This white paper, written for GFI Max, discusses the critical importance of maintaining a healthy email system for your business and some of the threats you need to be aware of to keep your company’s email services running smoothly.

Download your free copy of the White Paper from MSP Business Management.

Offsite Data Backup for MSP's Whitepaper

Offsite Data Backup for MSP’s

The average cost of a single incident of data loss is $10,000, despite this, many Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) either do not have a data backup strategy in place, or have a strategy that is un-tested and un-reliable.

This white paper explores the benefits of Offsite Data Backup, both as a solution to backup challenges for clients, but as a new source of recurring revenue.

The White Paper, written for MSP Business Management, concludes with a series of questions that any MSP might think about asking a potential Off-Site Backup Vendor before entering into a partnership with them.

Download your free copy of the White Paper from MSP Business Management.


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