An all-in-one MSP platform: Remote Monitoring & Management, PSA, Remote Access & More.

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The age old question for growing MSPs used to be "What should I use first? An Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) tool or a Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool?".

Thanks to Atera's all-in-one solution, MSPs no longer have to choose between investing in RMM or PSA. They can get both, without paying for any additional licenses.

Additionally, Atera is easy to use. I'm a big fan of simplicity in tools. Complex tools don't get used.

Atera has built itself a fantastic reputation for being simple for MSPs to pick up and use. This means that IT business owners can immediately start seeing the benefits, both to their team's productivity, and to the company's bottom line.

Richard Tubb

Atera’s RMM software brings your MSP business together.

Atera has developed a cloud based comprehensive system of management and support that systematically fully integrates four spaces:

The technical management of SMB networks.
✅ The relationship between MSP’s and their SMB.
✅ The internal management of the MSP business.
✅ The cloud and cloud services.

Atera is a full SaaS platform, extremely simple, powerful and affordable.

The Atera all-in-one software will enable you to manage both the services you provide and monitor and manage all the networks under your responsibility from a single unified platform. Bring the power of the cloud to your fingertips. 

Atera, will enable you to control and manage your business where ever you are. Use your laptop, tablet or smartphone and be always in control. It automates and streamlines business processes so you: Increase the performance and efficiency of your staff, proactively manage your customers’ IT networks, meet your SLA commitments, and ensure and maximize profitability.

All-in-One SaaS for MSPs

Remote Monitoring and Management Software

Reporting and Analytics

Professional Services Automation (PSA)


Remote Access
(out of the box)

Network Discovery

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NEWS: Atera named one of the Best MSP Software 2021: Managed Service Provider Tools

NEWS: Atera named one of the Best MSP Software 2021: Managed Service Provider Tools

NEWS:Atera has secured $25 Million in Series A funding with K1 Capital

ACADEMY: The Atera Academy is the smartest way to build knowledge and confidence in using our all-in-one RMM and PSA solution.

MOBILE APP: Monitor and Manage your Clients on the Go!

EVENT: The future of IT with Network Discovery.
August 10, 2022 12PM in EST

Atera will show you how to get real-time visibility of all the digital assets and open ports on your customers’ networks to mitigate potential security vulnerabilities.

EVENT: Supercharge your work with IT automation profiles
August 11, 2022 12PM in EST

Atera will teach you all about how to build your first IT Automation profile and walk you through how to effortlessly automate your patching and software updates yo save time, increase efficiency and maximize your value to customers!

EVENT: Walk Through Atera
Tuesdays 4pm Sydney

EVENT: Walk Through Atera
Tuesdays 9am EST /  Thursdays 11am EST
Wednesday 12pm EST / Fridays 1pm EST

EVENT: RMM Training
Tuesdays 12pm EST & Wednesdays 9am EST