3 Good Reasons to Attend Your Local User Group Meeting

3 Good Reasons to Attend Your Local User Group Meeting


Why should you attend your local peer or user group meeting? Here are three reasons why you should engage with your peers and be part of a local user group.3 Good Reasons to Attend Your Local User Group Meeting

Why Attend Local User Group Meetings?

Not convinced that a user group meeting is right for you? Then read on as I share my top three reasons to attend. Let me know if I change your mind!

1. You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel

As a former MSP owner myself, I know how hard it is to run a business, manage client expectations and deal with employees. And that’s just when everything is going well! Once you hit a challenge, you probably don’t know where to turn.

But don’t despair. Every problem you’ll face as a business owner or technician will likely have already been met and solved by one of your peers. So doesn’t it make sense to learn from others rather than isolate yourself?

So many of the MSPs I’ve worked with say that what they value most as a small business owner is being able to talk to someone who really understands what they’re going through. And if they’ve been there themselves, they can provide invaluable insights.

2. Make Choosing Your Preferred Vendors Easier

Whether you’re new to the world of managed services or you’re on the hunt for something to add to your offering, you’re going to have to put some time aside to find exactly what you need!

There are hundreds of vendors with thousands of products out there. And you could spend all day, every day researching their latest offerings. Comparison sites, user reviews, technical specifications, compatibility concerns… Sounds exhausting!

Or, you could visit your local user group each month and hear directly from your peers. Members share what works and what doesn’t. And most months, they actually meet the vendors directly to discuss their offerings. So, you could have a shortlist of vendors and solutions, and take your questions along to a meeting. You’ll get them answered and get honest feedback from others.

3. Get Some Extra Support From Your Local User Group

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’ve got a project job you’re under-resourced to tackle
  • You’re a “one-man-band” or micro-biz
  • You can’t remember the last time you took a day off
  • You worry about what you’ll do if you’re off sick and unable to work

Therefore, wouldn’t it be nice to build relationships with your peers? So they can help you with your challenges? If you’re looking for staff or freelancers to help you with a project, they’ll be sure to have some recommendations. And even just sharing your challenges will help to take the weight off. Then you can return the favour down the line. How’s that for collaboration?

What is a local user group, why should you join one and how do you go about finding one? Richard Tubb answers all those questions in this blog. Click to Tweet

So if you have not visited your local user group recently, I’d encourage you to pop along and get involved. At worst you’ll have an evening spent talking shop with some fellow business owners and technicians over a pint!

Not actually sure what a user group is? This article will help!

3 Good Reasons to Attend Your Local User Group Meeting


How to Find a Group

Firstly, ask in your existing networks. People love to give advice, so ask for recommendations. Second, if you’re a vendor partner, they should be able to advise on your closest group. Finally, check out the Tech Tribe‘s local group list!


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If you run a group, leave a comment below so people know how to get in touch! Or, if you’re interested in starting one but you’re not sure how, let me know in the comments.



  • Richard Tubb2014-02-04 10:44:36

    Stuart - very true, my friend! Mergers & Acquisitions are a great way to grow your IT business. Wise words!

  • Stuart Crawford2014-02-01 03:18:40

    RIchard One other great reason...potential M&A. Stuart Crawford https://www.ulistic.com

  • Richard Tubb2013-11-28 08:37:49

    Brian - I maintain a list of user groups for UK Managed Service Providers. There is a group in Edinburgh which may be useful for you.

  • Brian Henderson2013-11-26 07:22:16

    Is there a list of groups somewhere? I'm in the west of Scotland if you know of any around this area that would be very helpful

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