Geo-Tagging with Urban Tapestries

Found a rather bland site with a rather exciting idea at talks of the possibility of being able to make observations about the landscape around them using modern technology, such as Mobile Phones or Wi-Fi. What does that mean? Well imagine walking up a high street and instantly being able to view other peoples comments on the best shops. Or walking into a pub and reading reviews on the beers. You can already do similar sort of research by using the Internet ahead of your visit, but imagine being able to do it on a whim? This is known as Geo-Tagging.It’s ideas like this that initially seem gimmicky, but then become really useful the more you use them. For instance, recieving a 160 character text message to a mobile phone once seemed quite funny – now everybody does it, every day, every where.

And then there’s my suggestion of being able to send an SMS or e-mail to your SKY+ box to program it remotely for those occassions when you away from home are in a hotel room or down the pub with mates and are reminded your favourite television series is just about to start again and you’ve forgot to set your PVR to record it. One quick text, problem solved. I now hear this suggestion will become a reality from SKY in the next 18 months. So, I told you it was a good idea. 🙂


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