Why I Don’t Send Christmas Cards Anymore

Christmas Cards

Christmas CardsFor the past few years I have, for the most part, not sent the traditional Christmas Cards out to the vast majority of my friends and business clients.

Why? Well it’s not because I’m all “Bah Humbug!” at this time of year (honestly!) but because, frankly, with the advent (no pun intended!) of the Internet, email and Social Networking – rarely a month goes by without me keeping in touch with pretty much every one of my contacts anyway!

There are exceptions to this rule – I’ve got a few (typically older) friends and family who either are not online or we don’t do very well at staying in touch with each other, but wherever possible I use the Christmas season as a reminder to pick up the telephone and call them, or make the time to visit with them.

Environmental Waste?

My green instincts also influence me here – all those printed cards produce a lot of waste, much of which isn’t recycled. Those Christmas Cards I do receive are recycled in the New Year along with all the rest of my Christmas Waste – you can find out how to recycle Christmas Waste in the same yourself here.

In conclusion, I don’t understand the purpose in sending Christmas Cards to everyone you know anymore!

Royal Mail fails the Christmas Card test

I know many people feel differently to this and take great pleasure in sending and receiving Christmas cards, and I hope if you’re one of those people you won’t be offended by not receiving a card from me, but when the Royal Mail fails the Christmas Card test, then there’s a chance that if you’ve sent me a Christmas Card that I’ll not receive it anyway!

Donating to The Woodlands Trust

Instead, as I have for many years now, I’ll be making a donation to my favourite Charities — The Woodlands Trust and Wythall Animal Sanctuary.

So whilst I won’t be sending many Christmas Cards, I’ll still be enjoying what I believe Christmas is all about – taking time to get together with friends and family, relax and have fun!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! 🙂


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