Why I Don’t Send Christmas Cards Anymore

Christmas Cards

Christmas CardsFor the past few years I have, for the most part, not sent the traditional Christmas Cards out to the vast majority of my friends and business clients.

Why? Well it’s not because I’m all “Bah Humbug!” at this time of year (honestly!) but because, frankly, with the advent (no pun intended!) of the Internet, email and Social Networking – rarely a month goes by without me keeping in touch with pretty much every one of my contacts anyway!

There are exceptions to this rule – I’ve got a few (typically older) friends and family who either are not online or we don’t do very well at staying in touch with each other, but wherever possible I use the Christmas season as a reminder to pick up the telephone and call them, or make the time to visit with them.

Environmental Waste?

My green instincts also influence me here – all those printed cards produce a lot of waste, much of which isn’t recycled. Those Christmas Cards I do receive are recycled in the New Year along with all the rest of my Christmas Waste – you can find out how to recycle Christmas Waste in the same yourself here.

In conclusion, I don’t understand the purpose in sending Christmas Cards to everyone you know anymore!

Royal Mail fails the Christmas Card test

I know many people feel differently to this and take great pleasure in sending and receiving Christmas cards, and I hope if you’re one of those people you won’t be offended by not receiving a card from me, but when the Royal Mail fails the Christmas Card test, then there’s a chance that if you’ve sent me a Christmas Card that I’ll not receive it anyway!

Donating to The Woodlands Trust

Instead, as I have for many years now, I’ll be making a donation to my favourite Charities — The Woodlands Trust and Wythall Animal Sanctuary.

So whilst I won’t be sending many Christmas Cards, I’ll still be enjoying what I believe Christmas is all about – taking time to get together with friends and family, relax and have fun!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! 🙂


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  • Richard Tubb2014-12-09 10:06:56

    Valentyna - what a great Charity to support! That's a great way to send Christmas Cards! :-)

  • Valentyna Ilyvna2014-12-09 06:17:16

    Dear Richard We not only support 'Give A Dog A Home' (Aberdeenshire) from where we adopted two beautiful Greyhounds, but also the Guide Dogs Association have two guide dogs that we sponsor. This year we purchased a whole bunch of their products on their 'Dogalogue' website. They both do a wonderful job and will be giving out our many cards to encourage people to think of these beautiful creatures who help make a better and more confident life for those less fortunate.

  • Richard Tubb2014-10-18 17:31:52

    Patrick - thanks for sharing!

  • patrick prinsloo2014-10-18 09:30:31

    There's nothing like receiving a proper flesh-and-blood card from a flesh relative, nothing like hearing the plop of the cards on the mat and then reading the envelopes trying to guess who the sender is and then reading the brief message inside the card before putting it on the sideboard or wherever, and then enjoying the knowledge that somebody cares, or is pretending to care, which is good enough. I think the real issue with Christmas is the excesses we go info, so I really agree with pushing some help for charities. But don't forget charity towards friends. I use a xmas card organisation that ensures charities get a decent bang for their buck - 100% if you visit one of there shops in the north west or pretty close to that if you go online. Can I say who? It's at christmas-cards.org.uk. Delete this link if it's against your rules.

  • Richard Tubb2012-12-10 16:38:59

    My fireplace is going to look so empty this year without your card David! ;-)

  • David Hewett2012-12-10 16:02:09

    Bah humbug. I have removed you from my Christmas Card list. (And added you to my Christmas Email Card list instead) ;-)

  • Richard Tubb2012-12-10 08:59:43

    Chris - a great cause! I've had good feedback from friends and family on my own donations to The Woodlands Trust each year, so we're certainly not alone in this view!

  • Chris Tate2012-12-10 08:57:47

    Hi, Great post. This year I am going to do the same and donate to Cancer Research UK instead. I've been touched by cancer in so many ways this year it just seems the sensible thing to do. There will be exceptions of course, so I'll send a few, but for the majority I'll make a donation instead and explain to family and friends. Cheers Chris

  • Susanne2009-12-21 09:17:12

    I've just read both yours and Tim's (Long) post and understand your points of view. However, I'm going to go with Chris on this and say that I felt compelled to send cards to those people that genuinely personally mattered to me. For me, Christmas is about giving and relating to your friends and family around you. Whilst not everyone may have a religious association with Christmas, I give a card as a small token of my appreciation for the recipient regardless of their views.For me, I think it's important to sometimes cut away from the technology and communicate something that took longer than I can touch type it. :) I want people to know that I didn't just stick them on a mailing list and that they matter to me.Technology is everywhere these days but people underpin everything we do; so whilst today's society can be so well connected, there is no harm in stepping away and do something different to remind people that they matter personally as well as professionally.I sent cards to all three of you with my best wishes after my time away because each of you have helped me over the last year (and beyond). Whilst I am busy working I ensured I stopped to take out time to remember those who are important to me. Little did I know I would be catching up with you and Chris this month but the sentiments of the card still stand! I never send them to expect one in return, I send them to let people know that they matter. The acknowledgement itself steps away from day-to-day communication and contact and makes for me a point that goes above and beyond a Tweet, email, or Instant Message.If people don't recycle their cards or purchase charity cards (I did, but not for all sent) then that is potentially a separate issue. I also ensured that I donated to charity this year, but that for me is part of my time for reflection at how fortunate I am.I wholeheartedly believe that a 'piece of card' is not relevant but a card that sends genuine sentiment is. I agree with Tim on his post that giving cards to the person you sit next to everyday isn't necessarily the point but the cards I sent out across the world remind me on how lucky I am to have such good friends and that I want to remember them at this important time of the year.So I'll see you this evening and buy you a pint instead?! :)

  • Richard2009-12-20 18:36:00

    Chris - that seems lot a good way to do things. I understand the reason for sending Christmas Cards, to keep in touch with people you may not otherwise get in touch with, but can't see how it's relevant in today's connected society any more when they are much better ways to keep in touch! Have a great Christmas yourself, hope you and Lynne have a relaxing time!

  • Chris2009-12-20 18:30:41

    Ric,great blog post, I did the same thing last year and ONLY donated money to charity but no cards , However this year decided to send some paper cards to certain people because I felt that it was personal and I wanted to do it because I may not see those people over Christmas. I most certainly did not just send to anyone and everyone. I too have (and always will, christmas cards or not) donate money to charity, which is Make a Wish foundation. Have a great Christmas Buddy.. Speak to yousoon

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