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MSP MarketingBased on the feedback I’ve received from many of you who have got in touch – both IT Solution Providers and Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) alike – my blog post What are the top MSP Marketing mistakes IT businesses make? seems to have struck a chord with a lot of IT business owners.

It seems many IT businesses are aware they need to build a more structured and consistent approach to their marketing rather than waiting until their sales pipeline is empty and then panicking to find new prospects. The phrase “Marketing is a system, not an event” rings very true. I received a lot of questions on how it was possible to build an effective MSP marketing system, and what time it would take.

I also received a lot of questions on my blog post introducing the MSP Marketing Academy and on the subject of outsourcing your MSP marketing to an agency in general – for those of you who are time poor, outsourcing your MSP marketing in this way is an attractive option.

Outsourcing your MSP Marketing

Gemma TelfordTo provide answers to all of these questions, I turned to Gemma Telford, owner of the IT Marketing Agency and the very smart lady behind the launch of the MSP Marketing Academy.

For those of you who aren’t aware of Gemma’s reputation, she has worked in the IT Channel for nearly all of her career – rising to be the head of Marketing at a both a major IT Distributor and an IT buying group, then taking on the role of Channel Marketing Director at one of the UK’s top marketing agencies before founding her own business – the IT Marketing Agency. It’s a business that has grown exponentially since she started it on her own – due in no short part to the demand for Gemma’s expertise from successful IT Vendors, Distributors and IT businesses who want to grow further still.

In short, Gemma Telford is a lady who knows how to do effective MSP Marketing.

How to do effective MSP Marketing

In our video interview, I ask Gemma:-

  • What are the biggest mistakes IT business make when it comes to marketing
  • Can IT business use free resources for marketing?
  • How do IT business owners overcome their reluctance to putting themselves “out there”
  • What are the challenges to IT businesses of working with marketing agencies?
  • What should you budget for and what is the ROI of working with marketing agencies?
  • How “Marketing in a Box” campaigns can work.

… plus much more. It’s a 17 minute interview that I think you’ll find valuable whether you’re an MSP that is considering putting together your own MSP marketing campaigns internally or considering outsourcing your MSP marketing.

Your MSP Marketing questions

If you have any comments or MSP marketing questions then Gemma has kindly offered to answer them via her Twitter account or you can leave a comment below.

I know MSP marketing is a topic that is very important to many IT business owners, so I hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to ask one of the industry experts in Gemma for her advice!


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