Hullomail – Smart Voicemail in the Cloud


Every Friday I try to share one of my favourite finds of the week – a web-site, tool or app that has impressed me.

My Friday Favourite this week is HulloMail, smart voicemail in the cloud for your Smartphone.

Smart Voicemail

HulloMail is an app for Android, Blackberry and iPhone that replaces your operator voicemail and allows you to read, play and manage voicemail on your Smartphone. You can view voicemails (and missed calls) through email or through a web portal — useful for when you’re working abroad with free Wi-Fi but don’t want to pay excessive roaming network fees to pick up voicemails, for instance.

Visual Voicemail

The HulloMail Scribe feature converts your voicemail to text so you can read them directly within the app. I’ve found this an efficient way to quickly read and get the gist of voicemail messages without having to listen to them fully.

Personal Greetings

One of my favourite features of HulloMail is the ability to record specific voicemail greetings for certain contacts. Family, friends, VIP clients — you can record a message that only they will hear when they go to leave a voicemail for you. It’s good fun and I find it’s remarked on by people a lot!

Download HulloMail

I’ve been using HulloMail for a couple of years now and it takes the old fashioned voicemail and makes it more efficient to manage.

If you try HulloMail then use my voucher code LLDP99849 and I get a small kickback to say thanks for introducing you. You can download Hullomail at


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