Jelly – Search the group mind of your Social Networks

Jelly - Let's help each other

Jelly - Let's help each otherFor the past couple of years, every Friday I’ve posted my “Friday Favourites” – quick links to cool content, apps and tools that I’d found that week.

For 2014, I thought I’d mix the format up a bit and focus a bit deeper onto the single piece of content, app or tool that’s really caught my eye in the week. Goodbye Friday Favourites, hello Friday Favourite!

My Friday Favourite for this week was recommended to me by James Kimbley of Kimbley IT and it’s an app for iOS and Android called Jelly.

Jelly’s tagline is “Let’s help each other” and is best described as giving you the ability to search the group mind of your Social Networks.

It’s similar to using a traditional Search Engine to ask questions, but it uses pictures and your existing social network connections to submit your questions to others. Your connections, in turn, can ask questions which you might be able to answer.

As Jelly puts it “No matter how sophisticated our algorithms become, they are still no match for the experience, inventiveness, and creativity of the human mind.”

I’ve been trying Jelly for the past week, and it’s good fun. Give it a go!


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