Free Whitepaper – Protecting Business Critical Services, E-Mail

I’m chuffed to announce that my first commercial Whitepaper entitled “Protecting Business Critical Services – E-Mail” has just been published!

Most people in the Technology field will be familiar with Whitepapers at some level, but put briefly – a Whitepaper is typically seen as an authoritative report or guide that helps the reader solve a problem. They are often used in the IT industry to educate readers and help people make decisions.

MSP Business Management

MSP Business Management Web-Site LogoI was asked to write the Whitepaper by GFI Max, who have recently launched the MSP Business Management Web-Site – offering performance management tips for busy IT companies and MSP’s. The site already has a number of very cool resources available, and I’m honoured to be asked to be a part of a web-site that I hope will enable lots of IT companies within the SMB community to grow their businesses.

My first Whitepaper

As the first Whitepaper I’ve ever written, I did find the change in writing style a challenge. Whereas I’ve been writing this blog for many years in what I’m told is a relaxed “conversational” prose, the Whitepaper needed to be written in a more matter-of-fact and academic style for the reader.

I hope I’ve made a good job of it, and I’d appreciate your feedback!

You can download “Protecting Business Critical Services – E-Mail” from MSP Business Management, and it’s also available to view via Scribd, which offers an interface to read via the web or a mobile browser.


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