How Computer Aid help to reduce IT Waste

How to Ethically Dispose of IT Waste

Computer Waste

If you work in the IT industry, then you’re probably aware of the incredible amount of waste that computers and other electronics can produce. The constant desire to have the latest hardware and gadgets can mean a *lot* of unwanted tech.

I recently read a really interesting piece entitled “IT’s such a waste!” by BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT. where they interviewed Tony Roberts, the Chief Executive of Computer Aid.

Who is Computer Aid?

How Computer Aid help to reduce IT Waste

Computer Aid is a charitable organisation that receives used computers from companies and individuals, refurbishes them and then sends them out to African countries to be used in education centres and in other worthwhile projects.

I thought things had moved on with regards to recycling IT equipment, but the statistics show almost 2 million PC’s a year still end up in the landfill. These aren’t old machines that you’d be struggling to find a use for, these are reasonably modern PCs – the sort of PC that is probably sitting in the majority of your family houses right now. These computers are still perfectly capable of being used for web-browsing, e-mail, chat and office – so it’s awful to see them sent to landfill when they could be reused.

[tweet_box design=”default”]Statistics show almost 2 million PC’s a year still end up in the landfill[/tweet_box]

These computers are valuable in helping raise education standards in deprived areas in Africa. The BCS article goes on to describe what sorts of projects Computer Aid are undertaking with the equipment that is being donated.

How To Ethically Dispose of IT Equipment

If the article has made you consider how you can help reduce the waste from IT, then I have written an article on How to Ethically Dispose of IT Equipment.

Organisations such as Computer Aid mean that donating unwanted IT equipment should be easy for any individual or business to do – so let’s do it!

[tweet_box design=”default”]Organisations like @computer_aid make it easy for individuals and businesses to recycle unwanted IT equipment[/tweet_box]

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  • Richard2006-11-23 10:30:47

    Personally - I've done that too. Some old Graphics Cards and the like go for a few quid. In the office, however, I've had dozens of PC's that it was easier to give to local Charities or individuals through FreeCycle, than it was to spend so long scrapping them for valuable parts. As long as they don't end up in landfill!

  • Rob2006-11-23 10:26:21

    Too right i didnt throw my last desktop away i broke it down to its parts and sold them on ebay.....strange how some older parts make lots of money. 

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