How To Measure The MSP Metrics That Matter


MSP Metrics

Do you know how to measure the MSP metrics that matter?

There’s an old phrase that I’m very fond of “What can be measured can be managed”.

Measuring the progress of your IT Solution Provider or Managed Service Provider (MSP) business is a big step towards managing the growth of your business. Once you start measuring yourself against metrics within your business, you begin to make fact based decisions rather than decisions based on “gut feeling”.

Measuring things like your engineer utilisation rates, your client satisfaction, your ticket closure times, and importantly – your profitability – allows you to focus your attention within your business where it is needed most and make improvements that help your business grow.

Benchmarking your MSP business against your peers

Metrics That MatterThen, after you start measuring your performance internally, the urge rises to measure yourself against your peers. How are you doing compared to other MSP’s?

Every year the Service Intelligence team at Autotask undertake their annual IT Service Provider Benchmarking study – polling hundreds of IT service providers around the world to hear what they had to say about various aspects of their business.

This year, Autotask have created a free eBook sharing the results of the survey – and having downloaded my own copy, it makes interesting reading.

Free eBook: Metrics that Matter

You can download “Metrics That Matter: An Intelligent Approach for IT Service Providers” for free.

Grab a copy, take a look at what your peers are sharing- and then let me know about your own MSP business compared to others by answering this question – Is this you?


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  • Richard Tubb2013-05-29 20:19:29

    Rusty - thanks for the heads-up! The short URL for this link wasn't working, but I've now fixed it. I appreciate you letting me know it wasn't working for you.

  • Rusty Lee2013-05-29 13:54:28

    Hi Richard, The link for the ebook seems bad: Download your copy of Metrics That Matter: An Intelligent Approach for IT Service Providers. Can you help? Have a Great Day, Rusty

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