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Keepabl - Compliance-as-a-Service for MSPsDoes your IT Solution Provider or Managed Service Provider (MSP) business offer Compliance-as-a-Service to your clients?

With the advent of GDPR, compliance has become a hot topic for IT businesses.

Many view GDPR (and compliance as a whole) as a pain that they have to deal with.

I view compliance as an opportunity for MSPs that you can seize upon.

So when I became aware of Keepabl — a solution which offers compliance-as-a-service for MSPs, I was intrigued to find out more.

What is Keepabl?

Keepabl is a Business-to-Business (B2B) tool. It is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that helps Small and Medium (SME) sized businesses with their compliance.

In a nutshell, the Keepabl solution is a governance and service platform. It helps businesses become compliant (and very importantly, stay compliant) with GDPR and other data regulations.

Full disclosure — I’m an advisor to Keepabl. The reason I’m invested in this platform is that it is exceptionally MSP-friendly, as you’ll see in the video demo’s I’ve recorded with Keepabl CEO, Robert Baugh, below.

Whether MSPs want to deal with GDPR (and other such regulations) or not, your clients expect you to be involved in the GDPR process.

If you don’t offer clients GDPR assistance, then they will seek that advice elsewhere. This gives your competitors an opportunity to get a foot in the door to talk to your clients.

But if you embrace helping clients with their compliance issues, then you are becoming a pioneer in an area that I believe all MSPs are destined to move into.

The opportunity of GDPR for MSPs

As MSP-owner Richard Whybra recently shared in my live video on Best Practices for running a successful MSP, GDPR is changing clients views on cyber-security.

Yet despite this position impact, most MSPs consider GDPR to be a pain in the bum. Something they have to deal with!

I see GDPR as an opportunity for MSPs to pivot themselves into providing business advice (as opposed to just technical advice) to their clients.

In this excerpt from our video, Keepabl CEO Robert Baugh and I discuss the opportunity of GDPR for MSPs.


The Future of Managed Services and GDPR

I believe (and I’m not alone!) that the future of Managed Services is less to do with managing technology and more to do with how you can help your clients implement strong business processes.

That future is here, now, thanks to the opportunity provided by GDPR.

In this excerpt, Robert Baugh and I discuss the future of Managed Services and GDPR.

MSPs are going to be dealing with GDPR

Whether your Managed Service Provider business wants to deal with GDPR or tries to avoid it, your clients will expect you to help them with their GDPR responsibilities.

In this excerpt, Robert Baugh and I discuss how MSPs are going to be dealing with GDPR.

Demo of the Keepabl Platform

I recorded a full demo of the Keepabl platform with Keepabl CEO, Robert Baugh.

As well as looking at how Keepabl can work for MSPs and their clients, Robert and I discuss where we see the MSP industry headed.

Spoiler — it’s not managing technology, but managing business process.


The future of the Managed Service industry lies in MSPs helping their clients to do things faster, better and cheaper.

This will mean that MSPs have to pivot from a focus on technology, to a focus on helping their clients with stronger business processes.

GDPR is not a pain to be dealt with by MSPs, but an opportunity to be seized upon.

GDPR is not a pain to be dealt with by MSPs, but an opportunity to be seized upon. @Keepabl is a Compliance-as-a-Service platform for MSPs. Click to Tweet

The Keepabl platform enables MSPs to offer Privacy-as-a-Service to their clients and begin that journey from being “the IT guy” into being the trusted business advisor that everyone MSP strives to be.

I’d encourage you to visit and find out more about its compliance-as-a-service platform.

You can contact Keepabl CEO Robert Baugh on Twitter @RJBaugh.

How are you dealing with GDPR for your clients? What are the hurdles you’re finding with helping clients with GDPR? Get in touch or leave a comment below!

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