Linux for MSP’s – Is Open Source The Best Fit For Your Client?

Linux Penguins

Linux PenguinsI’m fortunate enough to know and work with a lot of very successful IT Solution Providers and Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) who focus on the Small & Medium Sized Business (SMB) market. Up until recently that group of businesses was comprised almost exclusively of MSP’s who sold and supported what many of us would consider “traditional” IT solutions, i.e. those provided by Microsoft.

Non-Microsoft MSP’s

Now though, I’m seeing IT business who show no interest in selling or supporting Microsoft solutions – they are focusing on Apple, Google, or in the case of Keith Edmunds of UK based Tiger Computing, Linux.

Tiger Computing focus exclusively on helping clients with Linux systems. They don’t try to “convert” Microsoft businesses across to Linux, they simply focus on working with clients who have chosen Linux and want professional help supporting those solutions – and for Tiger Computing, business is booming.

Linux for Small Business

So how is Linux and in a wider view, Open Source technology as a whole, a good fit for Small Businesses?

In my interview with Keith we discuss:-

  • Why businesses use Linux over the traditional Microsoft solutions.
  • How the advent of Cloud Computing means people are no longer as worried about which Operating System they use.
  • The benefits to MSP’s of focusing on a niche rather than trying to be a “Jack of All Trades”
  • How MSP’s can partner with Tiger Computing to support their clients who use Linux

You can find Keith Edmunds on LinkedIn or via the Tiger Computing web-site.

I hope you enjoy our conversation which you can view on video or listen to or download via Audio Podcast below.


TECHNICAL NOTE: If you’re having problems listening to audio here, disable any Ad-Blockers and make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash. If you’d like to download an MP3 audio copy of this interview to listen to away from your keyboard, then click the download button above or visit


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  • Richard Tubb2013-10-21 08:08:39

    Chris - thanks for the feedback! Great to hear Keith and the team at Tiger are winning friends in the Microsoft Community!

  • Chris Ward2013-10-19 21:08:59

    Great post and interview. Just wanted to give my personal thumbs up for Keith and the team at Tiger. We have worked with them in coordination on projects and delivering services and they are first class.

  • Richard Tubb2013-10-09 20:38:14

    Thanks for the kind feedback Maria - I'm glad you found the post and video useful!

  • maria smith2013-10-04 06:58:28

    Great post richard!!!!!! i agreed that we can use Linux for small business. As an open source, Linux gives us more flexibiliy to work on it as well as gives us a chance to modified it as per our need and requirments. Thanx for sharing such good post and video also.....

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