How to stop unwanted Telesales Calls

Unwanted Telephone Call

As a small business, constantly being interrupted by unwelcome Telephone calls from people or organisations trying to sell you something (that you usually don’t want…) can be a real pain.

Many individuals are aware of the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) which you can register with to stop unwanted telephone calls to your house. It works to great effect, in my experience.

But from speaking to a number of other Small Business owners recently, it seems most companies are unaware that there is a Corporate Telephone Preference Service that does exactly the same thing for businesses.

I used to be plagued with non-stop Sales calls in the office – it became a very real issue draining time away where I should have been doing more productive things. Since registering with the CTPS, the calls have been reduced to less than a handful a week – and usually only from companies I’ve already done business with and so don’t mind hearing from as much.

So if you own any sort of business and want to cut down on sales calls – get over to and register your telephone number now.


  • Richard2007-02-08 13:44:40

    Whoops! I had linked to the Corporate Mailing Preference Service, not Telephone Service. Link now fixed!

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