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As an IT Solution Provider or Managed Service Provider (MSP), where do you hang out to ask for help and learn from your peers?

I’ve written before about the power of peer learning. My article 3 good reasons to attend your local user group meeting is one that I regularly share with MSPs who are wanting to accelerate their growth.

I sold my own MSP business back in 2011. I attribute a large part of the success of that business to what I learned from my peers. As the saying goes “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together“.

Since I sold my MSP business in 2011, I’ve been working to help the owners of other MSPs to grow their businesses.

I’ve worked with hundreds of MSPs over these past few years. Business owners ask me the question, again and again, “When are you going to start your own member community?”

A Community for MSPs

I’ve always deflected the question of starting a community for MSPs because I know that running an online member community is really hard work. With my speaking, writing books, articles and producing my Podcast — frankly, I don’t know where I’d find the time to run a community.

Nevertheless, I continuously hear the desire from the MSPs I work with for a strong online community.

So when I was introduced to The Tech Tribe, you could say that I was intrigued.

Nigel Moore, Founder of The Tech Tribe

Nigel Moore of The Tech TribeAround 18 months ago, an Australian chap called Nigel Moore reached out to me.

Nigel explained that before selling it, he had run his own very successful MSP business in Sydney, Australia.

After selling the business, Nigel created The Tech Tribe — his vision of an online community for MSPs — and would I be interested in taking a look around?

Intrigued, I joined The Tech Tribe and lurked for a while.

After a few weeks, Nigel asked me for my feedback on the Tribe.

My response was glowing. I told Nigel that “If I were to build an online MSP community, I’d want it to look like The Tech Tribe“.

So what makes The Tech Tribe so damn good?

What is The Tech Tribe?

The Tech Tribe is a paid, members-only online community for MSPs.

I can honestly say that it is a resource that I wish I had when I was running my own MSP all those years ago!

The Tech Tribe has three main parts:

  • Templates and resources for MSPs, such as agreements, contracts, etc.
  • Training and education on how to run a better MSP business
  • Access to an online forum that enables MSPs to help and be helped by their peers from across the globe

All of the resources of The Tech Tribe are accessed through an online portal.

The quality of the resources — such as agreements and contract templates — is nothing short of best-in-class. The documents are beautifully created, customisable templates that any MSP can use to improve their business.

The Tech Tribe - Managed Services Agreement Template
The Tech Tribe – Managed Services Agreement Template

The training materials that are provided are equally high quality. There are dozens of high-quality videos.

But Nigel is not alone in providing advice and guidance. Experts from the world of Managed Services (who have been there and done that) are known as Tribal Elders.

These Elders create masterclasses and workshops that explain specific subjects to MSPs.

You can find everything from sales and marketing advice, through to how to improve your service delivery, plus much more.

These two sets of resources alone — the templates and the training — would be enough for me to recommend The Tech Tribe.

But the real jewel in The Tech Tribe crown is the online peer forums.

The Tech Tribe Forums

We’ve all accessed online forums for MSPs, such as those hosted on Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit.

Finding golden nuggets in these forums can be difficult. These nuggets are often drowned out by the sheer noise generated.

The culture of these forums can also be a little less than… supportive. The Wild West comes to mind.

Such is the nature of free forums.

Where The Tech Tribe online forum differs is that there is a genuine community spirit of helping one another.

Let me offer an example of this spirit. I’ve not seen a single forum post that has had to be moderated in the last twelve months of being a Triber.

The Tech Tribe draws good people together, who share a spirit of co-operation and collaboration. Tribers can ask questions without fear of being attacked.  You can have a high level of confidence in getting great quality feedback.

The Tech Tribe draws good MSPs together, who share a spirit of co-operation and collaboration. Click to Tweet

I’ll say it again – if I were to build a  membership site, The Tech Tribe is what I’d want it to look like.

Which is exactly why I’ve made The Tech Tribe my home.

Joining The Tech Tribe

Full disclosure: I’m a tech investor, and I am an advisor to The Tech Tribe. I have a vested interest in the businesses success. Selfishly, though, I chose to work with Nigel and his team specifically because I want to be a part of something extremely cool.

So, I’ve now joined Nigel Moore in working within The Tech Tribe business to make it THE online community for MSPs who want to grow and thrive.

You can find me in The Tech Tribe forums on a daily basis. I, along with our other Tribal Elders, answer questions from members and help MSPs overcome their challenges.

Each month, I also co-host a Tribal Gathering — a live online question and answer session where Tribal members can learn from me and other experts on how to accelerate their business growth.

Since the start of the year, all of my existing MSP coaching clients have joined The Tech Tribe, and I’m no longer taking ongoing coaching clients on.

The reason? By joining The Tech Tribe, MSPs can have a similar level of access to me, plus many other MSP experts. Members can also gain access to a ton of additional resources, all for a monthly price that makes it accessible to any MSP — not just those who are already experiencing great success.

If you join The Tech Tribe, then your membership is on a monthly basis and there is no minimum commitment.

This is a community that is accessible to all.

The Tech Tribe is my new home in the MSP community, and you’re very welcome to join me there!

How To Join The Tech Tribe

At the time of writing, over 300 MSPs have expressed an interest in joining The Tech Tribe.

Rather than allow a flood of new members in one go, which may affect the quality of the Tribe, we’ve been directing people towards a waiting list.

We’re now opening the Tribal doors to allow new members.

Click here to find out more about The Tech Tribe, and if you do end up joining us, send me a screenshot of your receipt and I’ll send you a copy of my latest book, The IT Business Owner’s Survival Guide, as a bonus gift.


Running an MSP business is a tough gig. You need help.

The Tech Tribe provides that help, through world-class resources and templates, access to industry experts, and an online peer forum that is genuinely helpful and supportive.

I’ve made The Tech Tribe my home. You can make the Tribe your home too.

I hope you’ll join Nigel, myself and the rest of the Tribe to find out more!

Do you have any questions about The Tech Tribe? Leave a comment below or get in touch — I’d be happy to help.

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    See you in the Tribe, Daniel. :-)

  • Daniel Wang2020-08-27 22:43:52

    Great intro! Signed up and checking out now.

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