22 Essentials from Nicholas Bate

22 Essentials by Nicholas Bate

22 Essentials from Nicholas BateAfter a long period on the road, I arrived home to a pile of post. Most of it was dull bills, yet one card was very welcome — a lovely note from Nicholas Bate and his “22 Essentials” list.

Who is Nicholas Bate?

Nicholas is one of a handful of “must read” bloggers whose thoughts on the business of life and the life of business I read every day without fail. I recommend you check out his work at http://www.nicholasbate.typepad.com/.

As well as being an amazing author (I highly recommend his book You, Only Better) Nicholas puts together lists that provide wisdom straight to the heart of the matter — as you can see with the 22 Essentials list he kindly sent me below.

22 Essentials from Nicholas Bate

22 Essentials from Nicholas Bate

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Thank you Nicholas!

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