Digital Leaders – Enhance Your IT Strategy

Digital Leaders - Enhance Your IT Strategy

Digital Leaders - Enhance Your IT StrategyA heads-up that the BCS have released a new eBook entitled “Digital Leaders – Enhance Your IT Strategy”.

Enhance Your IT Strategy

The 146-page eBook is aimed at CIO and CEO level professionals who are interested in enhancing their business or organisations IT strategy and improving the way in which their business functions.

The book features over 50 articles written by a range of experts on an array of IT topics including entrepreneurs and start-ups, communications, cloud computing and data management, The Internet of things, project management, learning and development, security, service management and strategy.

Building your Business

I’m honoured to have been asked to contribute to the book myself and you can read my chapter on building your business in the entrepreneurs and start-ups section on page 42.

Building Your Business

Download the eBook

The eBook “Digital Leaders – Enhance Your IT Strategy” is a free download to both BCS members and non-members.


  • Richard Tubb2016-11-10 19:24:25

    Thank you! I appreciate the kind feedback!

  • Richard Tubb2016-11-10 19:23:33

    Thanks Sophia. All credit to the BCS for publishing this resource.

  • Industrial PC2016-09-29 17:03:47

    Great article, very informative - I shall make sure i come back again!

  • Sophia2016-09-14 10:55:59

    Nice Article!!

  • Richard Tubb2016-01-04 17:03:20

    Thanks for the feedback and I appreciate you recommending the book to your colleagues! :-)

  • EverythingTech2015-11-26 15:10:54

    Thanks for the free eBook Richard, being a manager of an IT company and knowing a few other people that are small IT business owners I will be definitely recommending them to download this book.

  • Richard Tubb2015-11-19 08:44:15

    Thank you Kevin!

  • Kevin2015-11-19 08:26:31

    Well done Richard. That's great coverage and recognition of your position in your field.

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