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Email newsletters can be a funny thing. The majority of us typically subscribe to too many newsletters which we think we will value, but which we hardly ever seem to find the time to read. Over time we begin to treat these newsletters as a type of spam cluttering up our inbox.

I myself went on a email newsletter purge during my experiment in reducing my emails by a quarter, culling all but the most valuable newsletters. Those newsletters that escaped my vicious cull were the one’s that help me be happier and healthier, more confident and more productive and a better business owner.

The Must Read email newsletters I recommend (and personally subscribe to)

The litmus test for a great email newsletter for me is whether I genuinely miss reading it if it doesn’t arrive in my inbox.

So, which newsletters are they? In the spirit of shining a light on some great content by real experts in their respective fields, here’s an insight to the must read email newsletters I recommend and personally subscribe to.

Confidence – Alan Matthew’s “Confidence Tricks”

Alan MatthewsAlan Matthews is a trainer to professional speakers and the author of “The Successful Presenter’s Handbook“. His free newsletter on personal confidence offers a regular reminder to any business owner on how you can be more confident.

Subscribe to Alan Matthew’s newsletter “Confidence Tricks” newsletter while downloading a free copy of Alan’s ebook “The A to Z of Super Confidence, and follow Alan Matthews on Twitter.

Productivity & Motivation – Grace Marshall’s “Monday Motivation”

Grace MarshallNeed a boost every Monday morning? Productivity Ninja Grace Marshall is the author of “21 Ways to Manage The Stuff That Sucks up Your Time” and her weekly newsletter “Monday Motivation” arrives in your inbox every Monday morning packed with valuable tips, tricks, insights and ideas to help you have the most productive week you can.

I’m regularly prompted to leave a comment on Grace’s blog as a result of her newsletter, which for me is the sign of a thought provoking read!

Subscribe to Grace Marshall’s “Monday Motivation” newsletter and get a free 30 minute audio and action guide to overcoming overwhelm too. You can also follow Grace Marshall on Twitter.

Small Business IT – Karl Palachuk’s Weekly Email

Karl PalachukKarl Palachuk is the world’s number one blogger and author on IT Managed Services. Karl’s Weekly Email newsletter contains his insight into the world of Small Business, IT, Managed Services and much more. After years of being a subscriber, I can still say it’s a genuine “must read” for any IT business owner.

Subscribe to Karl’s Weekly Email Newsletter and follow Karl Palachuk on Twitter.

Health & Mind – Tracy Reck’s “Feel Good Friday”

Tracy ReckTracy Reck is a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Her weekly newsletter “Feel Good Friday” is a short but awesome newsletter to help people take action to get leaner, healthier and happier. I find it a really relevant, fun short read each week.

To get Tracy’s burst of Feel-Goodness in your inbox every Friday, subscribe to “Feel Good Friday” and follow Tracy Reck on Twitter.

Work and Psychology – Adam Grant’s “Granted”

Adam GrantAdam Grant is the author of the New York Times best seller “Give and Take“. His monthly newsletter “Granted” focuses on work and psychology and contains some incredible research and insights on goal setting, leadership, motivation and more.

I find that “Granted” is thought provoking and gives you pause to consider how you think about yourself and those you work with.

Subscribe to “Granted” and follow Adam Grant on Twitter.

Your Turn! Which email newsletters do you recommend?

Which email newsletters do you personally subscribe to and recommend? Leave a comment below!

It would also be remiss of me not to bring your attention to my own Managed Service Provider (MSP) newsletter — containing free information, tips, strategies, tactics, resources as well as news of the latest industry events. Sign up to receive my newsletter for free!


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