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A feature I lost when moving Tubblog from Windows Live Spaces to late in 2010 was my regularly updated list of “Recommended Reading” kept on the blog site.

A long-time blog reader (thanks John!) recently asked me where this list had gone – apparently, he’d found it quite useful.

Tubblog - Recommended ReadingSo in an attempt to once again share with you the books I both love and recommend, you can now…

I’ve found – recommended to me by my Australian buddy Robert Crane – a great way to keep up to date on what my like-minded friends and peers are reading. It has some good links to share your reading with friends on Facebook too.

I find reading relaxes me, often helps me find focus, and more often than not helps me to generate new ideas. These are all undisputedly good things, so I’ve already made a lot more time to read books in 2011 than I have before!

Read a good book lately? Do share!

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