What happens at HTG Peer Group Meetings?

HTG Peer Groups

HTG Peer GroupsSo this is going to be my laziest blog post ever and it’s about HTG Peer Group meetings.

I’m currently in Dallas, TX for the latest Heartlands Technology Group (HTG) meeting – my MSP is a part of HTG11, the UK and Ireland group, and our group is meeting here along with all the other HTG Worldwide groups.

Since becoming an HTG member last year, HTG has a massive positive influence on both my business and me as an individual. Because of this, I mention HTG a lot during conversations with peers, suppliers and friends, and so I get asked “What is HTG?” and “What happens at HTG meetings?” a lot.

This blog post was going to explain what we do at an HTG meeting, but then my fellow HTG member, Karl Palachuk, went and wrote about exactly the same subject. Frankly, I couldn’t explain things any better than Karl – so if you want to know what HTG is or what happens at HTG Group meetings… go read Karl’s blog post.

There you go, the laziest blog post I’ve ever written! 🙂


  • Richard2009-04-21 13:51:04

    That seems fair to me Karl. Exchange is no robbery (unless it's Microsoft Exchange Server 2000). :-)

  • Karl2009-04-21 03:01:03

    So if I want to blog about day one onsite, can I just link back to your twitter?-- karlp

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