Why Taking Your Meetings Outdoors Can Help You Be More Creative

Taking a Meeting Outdoors

Normal English language service is restored after yesterday’s German language MSP blog post celebrating European Multilingual Blogging Day!

Walking OutdoorsOne of my favourite bloggers, Nicholas Bate, wrote a very simple yet powerful blog post entitled “How To Get A Breakthrough 7” that is well worth reading (as all of his blog posts usually are).

Each of the seven points he suggests to make a breakthrough are important, but points number one get out of the meeting room and three take a walk really struck a chord with me.

Technology can be a distraction

Some of my coaching meetings with clients require us to be at a computer and talk tech.

But for many more of these meetings, where we focus on more creative subjects such as marketing, and relationship based subjects such as client management, I’ve long suspected that having technology nearby actually proves a distraction.

Head to the local park

So as an experiment for a few of my recent face-to-face coaching meetings, we’ve left the meeting room and gone for a walk in the local park.

It’s amazing the difference walking and talking makes to the flow of ideas and discussion.

And you get a nice bit of exercise – something that’s sorely lacking in most (including my own) IT Professionals work lives.

Try it!

So the next time you and your business partner, or you and your employee, or you and your mentor or coach have a meeting scheduled – try it as an experiment. Take your meeting outdoors.

You might be surprised at the results!


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  • Richard Tubb2012-11-20 17:40:11

    Outdoor networking - I like it! :-)

  • Richard Hamer2012-11-19 15:20:46

    Or run an outdoor networking session, which is what I've been doing this year. A 6+ mile walk after breakfast, or walk in the afternoon followed by dinner. Here's an article I was asked to write about it for BQ Magazine - https://bit.ly/RKOGSB

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